Graduation – at Danville Correctional – Amazing

Report from Danville Correctional – and the first graduation of the Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary:

Manny Mill: “Today we experienced history in the making as we saw with our eyes, what once was an impossibility and that is: Men in prison graduating from their first 10 months of intensive Biblical studies of truth as part of the Divine Hope Reformed Bibles Seminary. Aleluya! And a very special bonus for me was to have my middle son, Howard, join me and over 22 other volunteers, including Jon Hoek and Professor Nathan Brummel! divine hope photoWarden Keith Angleir, Assistant Warden Victor Calloway and Chief Chaplain Stephen Keim were present! One of the graduates said: “I thought I was an intelligent man and that I knew God and about God, but these last 10 months have shown me how little I knew God and about God!” The graduates also recited John 1:1-14 in Greek and English ! These men are hungry for more Truth! I challenged the men and charged them out of Ezekiel 34:26-27, and I told the men that in the middle of the devastation, malnourishment and corruption in the House of the Lord by their leaders, that God was sending them showers of blessings. Aleluya!

Finally, we also had the privilege of sharing with the graduates Subway sandwiches with home made cooking.!

Additional comment from Board Member, Bob Wolfson: “How exciting it was to see many incarcerated men, who were once in love with their sin, are now in love with Jesus Christ, and the intense study of His blessed, transforming Word!”


One response

  1. Kathy

    This is very exciting!! Thanks be to God! His grace is truly amazing!

    December 22, 2012 at 4:19 am

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