Awesome Bible Study Time

Last Thursday evening, Manny was teaching from Luke 11 at the regular Thursday night Bible study for friends and ex-offenders. A larger than normal crowd attended, and they had the chance to experience his passion and love for God’s Word which was very strong. Here’s a brief overview from Manny about his lesson:

“In Luke 11:1-2 Jesus Himself invites us to pray to enter into His Father’s glorious joy, as His disciples ask Him to teach them how to pray for the impossible: So God will grant us the heart of Jesus to produce the right response to what matters to God our Father the most: “The hallowing of His holy and glorious name”. Hallowing God’s infinite and awesome Name is God’s (Yahweh) First and Supreme Passion! Hence this is God’s main goal for the universe and for us Christians, His paramount creation, to proclaim the hallowing of His glorious name without interruption or delay in everything and in all (I Cor. 10:31).
Thursday Night Bible Study Jan 10
Jesus is asking us in Luke 11:2 to pray for this impossible petition, so every area of our lives will be fully saturated, overflowing and consumed with the holiness of God, so our entire lives, and being, we will be totally dedicated, in every one of our activities (Kingdom activity), for the hallowing of God’s holy name in all we participate, in His presence, with precise reverence and adoration.”


One response

  1. Wendy Horton

    Tom said the food-the teaching and fellowship were AWSOME that night-Glory to God! Sorry I have to miss Thursdays–I’m at the Lake County Jail ;(

    January 14, 2013 at 1:03 pm

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