Dixon Correctional Report

We just completed a trip to Dixon Correctional Center, in Dixon, IL, and we had a much bigger group, eager and engaged to receive much more “Freeing Biblical Truth”! All of our Q & A sessions were very interactive and rewarding for us because the men asked some deep and solid questions. Their “attitude of gratitude” was also very refreshing. I believe that we saw many hearts “revived” and minds “reformed” by the Holy Spirit as the Word of God DixonReportwas clearly proclaimed and the men engaged with the Word. We also saw the Holy Spirit sparking the foundation for a much more vibrant and unified Church to be planted in Dixon in the near future. We took communion together, but before the service started, we all came clean with God and with each other, aleluya!! The spirit of humility became real and transparent among the men.

We taught the men how to intercede in prayer and why we pray. We also taught them how to be courageous. We also broke down for them God’s clear expectations, promises and benefits all tied to our obedience. The men learned how to interview for a job and how to keep a job; how to forgive and why; and many other practical things for the reality of the outside upon their release from prison.

We also gave the men opportunity to share what the “Freedom God’s Way” weekend meant to them and what they learned. So we heard some amazing and humbling testimonies as part of our weekend together from many of the men.

Then on Sunday, the final day, the House of the Lord was packed to capacity. We gave them the final charge as Wendy read a couple of amazing stories and I preached from Joshua 1:1-9 “Freedom God’s Way Requires Practical Faith that Believes the Impossible”. We completed our time with the men with a very practical skit where many of them participated in “How to stay out of prison for good – not just somehow but triumphantly”, aleluya. The men want us back real soon.

We thank you for your prayers and support as we do our best to: “Build Bridges – and Restore Hope.”


2 responses

  1. Bob Wiedman

    This is great news about my brothers and sisters in Christ! Thank you for all the work you and your team continue to do for Christ! God bless each and everyone in this ministry!

    January 22, 2013 at 8:13 am

  2. davidweber112

    I first met this Biblical dynamo at the oldest Bible based drug rehabilitation center in the United States (America’s Keswick). At first I thought maybe this was just another loud mouth preacher with a heavy accent?

    Well, it didn’t take long for Manny to quickly change my perspective of him, as well as many other things related to the Bible, God, and last but not least, JESUS! 🙂

    This man may be short in stature, but believe me when I tell you, “this man is nothing but the truth” In my book, this man is tree top tall. I love you Manny!

    I have seen many preachers in my time, some good, some not so good, but this guy was on fire! Once he got on a roll, trust me on this, because this man brought his own hill with him!

    Getting the roll started was no problem for this guy, like I said earlier he brought his own hill with him!

    No getting on a roll was never the problem for Manny, stopping him, or as we used to call it in the hood, “SLOW YOUR ROLL” now that was the problem with this guy!

    Think about this for a second or two, have you ever seen another person filled with the Holy Spirit? Well I have, and trust me again please, when you are in the presence of the Holy Spirit of God almighty you sure do not interrupt or even think about stopping anything!

    I was absolutely hanging onto ever word this man spoke! He blew me away!

    Pastor Manny, I love you Man! I will never forget you, or the wonderful gift you shared with me.

    All I can say to any one reading this are these words. “Go See This Powerful Man of God and Listen Intently To Everything He Says”!

    Thank you so much for allowing me to share my thoughts with you!

    God bless you Manny, and your family!

    David C. Weber

    January 25, 2013 at 1:50 pm

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