Updates from Colorado Trip

How exciting it is to be part of God’s work of building bridges and restoring hope! Tonight I had the great privilege of sharing the truth of God’s Word, from Romans 1, with about 40 men and women at A Strong Tower Ministries in Denver, CO. A majority of the group are completing their Department of Corrections’ sentences at nearby half-way houses. They receive permission to come to A Stong Tower for a weekly Bible study and dinner. Manny speaking in colorado

It was my joy to testify to what Christ Jesus has done and is doing in my life, to present the real, true hope of life in Christ, and to tell how He has kept me out of prison for 25 years!

An added blessing was meeting Cordell, whose father is serving a life sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Cordell’s face lit up when my wife Barbara told him I would be going to Angola in April. This broke the ice and he shared a little of his story with her. This past Christmas, Cordell talked with his father on the phone for the first time in many years. Barbara was able to take his picture, and I have promised to deliver it to his father. What an awesome privilege is mine to now be a part of God’s bridge building between this father and son.

Building bridges. Restoring hope. Praise God for an amazing night!


One response

  1. Kathy Woods

    Wow! This is a bridge I never would have imagined you building!! You have built bridges between churches and prisons…and now between fathers and sons! Only God!

    February 5, 2013 at 11:32 pm

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