Angola Prison Report

Personal report from Manny following a 4-day visit to Angola Prison in Louisiana

I preached over 10 times while in Angola during this recent trip, and was given the chance to “impact with truth” most of the men incarcerated there through the Moody affiliate radio and television stations.   I was also given the chance to preach at  Avoyelles Prison near Angola.

I was able to invest quality time with the Chaplains to encourage them,  as well as many of the inmate ministers.  I saw a Prison Captain testify publicly at one of our services about the fact that I was not sent to Angola for the men, but for him.  Wow, aleluya!  Wendy and I also did a mini-Freedom God’s Way seminar for the re-entry guys who are new to Angola.  As always, Tom is a great support and ministry partner.

Angola report April 2013


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