Special Prayer Request

Special Prayer Request:

This is a photo from my very recent trip to Angola Prison, in Louisiana.  I am with 3 of my good inmate friends there, and this was taken in the John MacArthur library at Angola.

Manny and guys at Angola with text 4I would like to invite you and your friends to pray for Sydney as he goes to court tomorrow, April 11, to ask that the 33 years he has served be counted as the complete fulfillment of his sentence.  Rev. Burt DeJong, pastor emeritus of  Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church, will be attending the hearing in support of Sydney.


One response

  1. Glennetta A. Bell

    Lord we know that you are the highest court! The last say so belongs to you. So we come before you asking that YOUR will be done in Mr. Syndey’s life. You know what is best as you call us to our purpose. If it be that his purpose is up, we ask that you remove that cup from him if and only if it be thy will. In your precious SONS name, by the BLOOD of the LAMB we pray. Amen

    April 11, 2013 at 10:37 pm

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