Prison Reports

I have asked some of my key ministry partners to give you a short report about Koinonia work on the “inside” of the prison walls.  Here are reports from Tom and Wendy Horton, and Bob Wolfson.  They both were able to share publicly last Thursday evening to our Radical Time Out group:prison reports graphic

From Tom Horton:  (about recent trip to Vienna and Shawnee Correctional facilities)

My wife, Wendy, who works closely with me and Manny, tells a story of the “prayer’o’matic”, where inmates ask for things and God answers.  One of the things they often ask for is patience, and then, sometimes God sends them a difficult ‘Cellie”- (one key way we learn patience).  On our last day on the blackboard was this quote from one of the inmates:  TO HAVE A GOOD CELLIE-YOU HAVE TO BE A GOOD CELLIE”.

Then, we discovered that one of our inmates that we knew from Lake County jail was there.  He left that jail on his way to prison as an angry, bitter, and unrepentant man, blaming everyone for his sentence, but himself.  Our visit this time found him apologizing to Wendy for his previous behavior and adding that he wanted us to know that he has asked for forgiveness from God and has realized that God needed to get his attention.  And he has. He is now choir director and a solid Christain.

From Bob Wolfson:

I have a sweet praise report on my trip to the Danville Correctional Facility recently to conduct the morning worship service. It was incredible! My partner, Steve Miller (who goes down to the Cook County Jail with me every Monday night) and I ministered to an enthusiastic group of approximately fifty men for a solid hour and a half with both meaningful hymn singing and edifying and encouraging preaching of the “delicious” Word of God! (Jer 15:16). My message to the men was on God’s involvement and purpose in our trials and sufferings. Steve spoke on the wonderful grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the great price He paid for us. We then concluded by leading all the men in the “bookmark” prayer to make Jesus really real  to us and to fall madly in love with Him and His Word!  Good time was had by all! What a privilege and joy to be used by our precious Lord. I am so blessed!!


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