A Masters Degree for Modesto

Modesto collage for blog post

(Thanks to the RADICAL TIME OUT gang for helping to send the message.)

I have known Modesto since his days, many years ago, at the Hill Correctional Center with Chaplain Manny Rojas!  We really connected during our “Freedom God’s Way” weekend in Dixon Correctional Center last year. The Church in Dixon is growing, however is in great need of Biblical depth and width.  Modesto has been a servant-leader at Dixon serving the men of Dixon along side Harry Pena and Ronnie Carrasquillo.  Modesto serves across cultures in Dixon and even translates for the hundreds of Hispanics who attend church and even those who do not.   He also facilitates many of the Christian services and Bible studies, especially during the last many months when there has not been a Chaplain.

I had the privilege of leading Modesto’s dad, “Tico,” to Jesus Christ a few months ago during my ministry visit to Miami.

Please pray for our brother, Modesto, as he serves Christ “inside the gate.”


One response

  1. Jacqueline Peña

    Awesome! Praise God!

    July 23, 2013 at 9:01 am

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