History Made at Pontiac Correctional

Pontiac Correctional Center is an Illinois8 men in seg maximum security prison with close to 2000 inmates, and the largest percentage of them serve time “in segregation.”  For 24 hours a day, these inmates are confined to their cells with only three short breaks  a week, once for a shower and twice to a 9×12 cage for brief exercise.  This is where Manny, Tom and Wendy were invited to present “Freedom – God’s Way” to eight men.  This was a historical event because never before have any segregated inmates been permitted to attend any kind of event.  They arrived at the teaching location shackled and chained at their hands and feet, and then were chained to the metal benches while under the watch of armed guards.  In this extraordinary “teaching environment,”  they listened to God’s Truth from the Koinonia team, and thankfully,  they were powerfully impacted by the Holy Spirit.

For two days, the power of the Gospel was evident in this maximum security prison.   All eight men committed their lives to Christ, learned the essentials of being a Jesus follower, and concluded their two-day event taking communion, barely being able to lift a cup to their lips because of their chains.  Manny says:  “Historic!  This was simply historic because it’s never happened before.”  The prison administrators were stunned at the success of this seminar.  The word is now spreading to other Illinois prisons. We can all join Manny in saying:  Aleluya!


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