Stateville Correctional Report

An amazing report from the 4 team members who went to Stateville Correctional this past weekend:
Stateville report

I was really humbled, by the powerful way in which, Christ opened the door for us, to spread his message of love, and grace. He truly is the One who opens doors that no one can shut!

God’s amazing grace never ceases to hit us square in our hearts each time we see HIS face in their eyes. It was a tough crowd-but in the end when they all signed a painting they did for us. I knew we had completed the task God gave us. We told them:
God told us to love you–and we do
God told us to search for you-we did
God told us to never stop fighting for you –and we won’t

As we entered Statesville Correctional Center on Friday, we experienced “hell on earth” with great oppression. However, we saw and experienced, once again not long after we arrived in the theater with our “Freedom God’s Way” weekend Revival, the penetration of the Gospel of Truth invading the hearts of the men and providing them with the “Peace and Freedom” that Jesus Christ purchased with his precious and sinless blood on the cross for them. Aleluya, I Cor. 1:18-2:6!!


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