Diego Zapata – A Memorial

Diego Memorial2
Wendy head shot Memorial comments from Wendy Horton. She and her husband, Tom, have been an integral part of the ministry opportunities at the Louisiana maximum security prison known as “Anglola.”
I sit and look around my house at Diego Zapata’s paintings, and recall the man we grew to love. Such a simple and sweet man, always had a smile and kind words for anyone from inmate to dying hospice patient. His crime was one of poverty, and trying to make a living, one very popular in that part of the world: drug transporting. It was this crime that sent him to Angola, and changed his life forever.

He gained eternal life at Angola, and on the way lead many a man to the same transformation. He became a graduate of the Bible college and a hospice nurse. If you were going to die in Angola, you wanted Diego there to see you through. He fought for his freedom, and gained it -only to return to the world of poverty he came from. Many tried to pull him back to a life of crime, but Diego never gave in. In the end his true freedom came when Jesus called him home to walk the streets of gold he had told so many of his patients about in their last minutes.

Good-by, our dear friend, you will live on, in the many stories we will share about your love of God and commitment to Him in spite of all your circumstances. And thank you God for the honor of being his friend for the time we had with him. You leave this world a better place for having been here, what more can any of us ask?


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