“Prison and Salvation” – Eric Metaxas on BreakPoint

BreakPointJust this week, on his daily BreakPoint Commentary, Eric Metaxas shared some powerful thoughts about “Prison and Salvation: Where Revival Begins?”  He quoted philosopher and theologian Stephen H. Webb, who wrote, “our inability to think about prisons and prisoners in Christian terms leaves us without examples of how to think about sin, forgiveness, and salvation when it comes to our own lives.”

One of the refreshing experiences of this ministry is that I am confronted daily by the fact that I am a debtor to others because of the amazing, redemptive grace which I received from God the Father through Jesus Christ (Romans 1:14).  I get a daily dose of joy as I interact with men and women who provide me with real examples of sin, forgiveness and salvation.  Being involved in prison ministry has been refreshing to my personal spiritual development.

And I want as many others as possible to experience this same refreshment!  Take a moment to listen to the BreakPoint broadcast by clicking on the link below.   Share it with friends and start earnestly praying about how you and your church can participate in what God the Holy Spirit is doing behind the walls and out in the streets.

   Please Click Here to Visit the BREAKPOINT web site with Eric’s Commentary
– You’ll see where to click for “listen now”

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