Report from Glen Ellyn Bible Church

Special Report from GEBCYour prayers Hallowed God our Father’s Name once again. {Luke 11:2) at Glen Bible Church Sunday morning as they unashamedly celebrated Jesus’ ministry of RTO (Radical Time Out) aleluya, using Chuck Martin BIG TIME:), Eph 3:20-21!

Pastor Kelly did something radically biblical: He asked for Chuck and I to come up and he personally prayed for Chuck, RTO And me, and told the church that every church MUST have a prison Miniistry, (Mt 25:36ff) and charged the church to come on Thursdays! Wow! Humbled! Unbelievable, but true!

Pray for THE impossible and that is that every Church in America that claims to preach the entire Bible will follow Pastor Kelly’s courageous biblical leadership, WITH NO FEAR, regardless of the consequences for the greater fame of Jesus Christ, John 14:12-14, in the spirit of Joshua 1:1-9, Aleluya!

This type of biblical leadership will spark the radical biblical revival the Church in America, US, so desperately needs! Just like is sparking now in our churches in prison thru the “Freedom God’s Way” ministry!!!

Love U – Manny Mill


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