Final Editing for “Radical Prayer”

Manny working on book for blog

Fully engaged in the final writing and editing of “Radical Prayer”, to be published by Moody.  Please pray for Manny, Harold, and Barbara as they complete this work, that God would be glorified and many would pray radically to love radically.


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  1. I’m praying for you all. I’m so excited to read your book. I will also be so excited to be back at RTO. I’m hoping that when I go to the dr on Thursday he will allow me to drive. It has been a long road I have been on. 10 weeks of staying cooped up but I have seen Gods hand in it all. He has gone before me and I’m confident in His will for me. I enjoyed last week so much. What an evangelist John is. Thank you for sharing him. I did listen on the conference. It was a little hard to hear at some times but not really that bad. I just thought I would mention it. I think by the info on your e mail that people will turn down there phones. Thank you for that service it has kept me informed. Can’t wait to see all of you. You are so dear to me. Lorreen Trucinski

    May 19, 2015 at 8:56 pm

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