Prison Report from Pinckneyville Correctional

Pinkneyvill prison report

Manny and Tom are on a “Freedom God’s Way” trip to 2 prisons downstate. Here’s an amazing report from Manny:

“Earlier today as I was preaching in Pinckneyville Prison in southern IL, in a Gym filled with the unction of the Holy Spirit, and with many men and officers, a young man raised his hand in the middle of my sermon, to which I stopped, and asked me: “How may I become a Christian Now”? The whole gym went into an eruption of vibrant/unspeakable Joy, aleluya. God our Father was truly Hallowed! There was a vivid and noticeable electricity in the Gym. So, I immediately stopped by sermon and guided this young man through the Word of God, specially Romans 10:9-10, to which he responded with immediate gratitude, humility and genuine repentance, which drove him to Jesus Christ, Him crucified and resurrected, aleluya. At the conclusion of my sermon, many others followed the young man’s courageous example and stood up to ask our Father for His Radical Grace and a new beginning”.


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