June 2016 KHNM Newsletter

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  1. Walter D Grotefend

    In dealing with incarcerated men; especially men with radical conversions to new creatures in Christ Jesus, I usually just listen. That doesn’t mean I’m waiting for something to say; it means listening with my heart. I want to hear their pain. I want to try and understand their suffering. It is evident to me after years of dealing with the same men that they have changed, They really are new creatures, but you can never get today’s society to understand this. Parole boards never believe it, and most, without divine intervention, will never see a parole board. It is hard to get these men to trust God; even those that know Jesus personally find it hard to take their hands off their cases and trust all their tomorrows with God. I keep reminding them ; He doesn’t need our help. I have never had to deal with their parents, and am in awe of what Manny is doing. I pray that God will continue to give him the words he needs to assuage their suffering. It is not in my sphere of influence to deal with my brother’s families, and I do not know what I could say to them anyway. I’ve just had to deal with a grandson arrested for a misdemeanor “paraphernalia” in his vehicle., and I didn’t even have words for him; so I know how difficult it must be to deal with families of the incarcerated. I leave that to the Kairos Outside people. I will just stay where I’ve been called.

    June 19, 2016 at 4:16 pm

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