Huge Surprise in Prison

Put your imagination to work for a moment – imagine that you’re a female inmate in a jail in Murfreesboro, TN, and you somehow heard about this guy, Manny Mill, via the Moody Radio affiliate in Nashville and was intrigued with his story about running from the FBI and going to Venezuela. So, you decide to ask the prison chaplain if he could get this guy’s book, since you heard that he had written one about his life experience.

Then, imagine this guy, Manny Mill and his team show up at your prison, and you get to meet him personally and get handed both of his books.

Well, for Brenda, this was not her imagination – this is what actually happened this past weekend when Manny, Barbara and Nephtali went to Murfreesboro to participate in some special prison ministry events.

God has surprises for all of us all the time. He is a good, good Father who surprised one of his daughters in a way she didn’t ask for, think for, or imagine! The photo below includes Brenda’s actual request to her chaplain.Inmate request collage


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