Redemption Story Shared at Lake County Jail.

This was the pointed question that Eugene Tanniehill — sentenced to death in the electric chair — heard very clearly as he sat alone in his death-row cell in Angola Prison.

“Tanniehill, who is greater than I?” — the question came again to the man who eventually would spend 52 years at Angola, in later years becoming known as the “Bishop” — the “chaplain of chaplains” at this maximum-strength prison.

In this powerful video segment, Bishop Tanniehill tells his powerful story of redemption and God’s love that started with that audible voice to a group of inmates at Lake County Jail in northern Illinois, recorded when he visited Manny and Barbara Mill this summer.

Rarely, if ever, are video camera allowed in prisons or jails, so this film is extraordinary in many ways. Please feel free to share with your church, in small groups, with pastors and church leaders, to demonstrate the impact of God’s Love and opportunity of in-prison ministry.

You are about to have a front-row seat on redemption!


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