“Total Acceptance” – “Love” – “Forgiveness”

Koinonia House® – Restoring Hope: Radical Time Out from Keith Anderson Films on Vimeo.


Such are words that describe Koinonia Ministry’s Radical Time Out (RTO) — a very unique community that meets weekly at Glen Ellyn Bible Church and Midwest Bible Church in Chicago.

RTO is a group of believers who pray, worship, learn and love one another following an informal dinner. Attenders include pastors, believers, church leaders, lawyers, business leaders, former prisoners, families of current prisoners, and families in crisis, to name a few.

In fact, RTO welcomes all — no matter their color, class, culture, crisis or crime! It’s unlike most anything you have ever experienced. Some might say, as diverse as heaven itself.

Watch and listen as the spouse of a ‘lifer” prisoner, a pastor, a mother, and a former prisoner who has turned his life around each describe what RTO means to them.

And join us Wednesday (Midwest Bible Church) or Thursday (Glen Ellyn Bible Church) and experience RTO for yourself!

Please share this post and comment how YOU would describe RTO!


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