Comment on YouTube

Each week, we post the Thursday night RTO message on our YouTube channel as a way to share Biblical teaching to a larger audience.  We never know how many individuals might see it, but this past week, we received this comment on YouTube about Thursday’s message:

Wow Manny, this message brings so many things to me: conviction, need to be 100% for God (I hesitate, I dread to think what is my % of commitment). And the kicker at the end, blessing depends on our, on my obedience. But I think that we have a terrible combination working against us; not only pride but also selfishness, laziness, and many other things that we allow to take away from the 100% we should be aiming at. The target is so high that if it was not for Jesus I, we, would never make it home. I quote Paul, paraphrasing, “I’m chained to this wretched body and only by the blood of Jesus the Christ I can be set free!”. – Ricardo

Here’s the entire RTO message:

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