Writing Christmas Cards for Inmates

How about spreading Christmas joy to an inmate. At RTO this Thursday evening, we’re taking the time to write Christmas cards to our inmate neighbors. We have the cards – we just need you and your willingness to express some written words of love and joy to someone on the inside of prison walls. Thursday – Dec. 6, 5:15 (free) dinner; 6:05 program, hosted at Glen Ellyn Bible Church, 501 Hillside, G.E.

One response

  1. Mary Kerr

    Thank you so much Manny and others who wrote Christmas cards to the prisoners. My son was so Blessed by the message and love contained in it, that he had to call home and share his Blessing! John Kerr is being used greatly of the Lord in Shawnee Prison and Vienna. He would sure like to come home but there is a day care near us and he has no other place. Thanks for your prayers in his behalf!

    New years Blessing and Merry
    Christmas to all of you!
    Mary Kerr “John’s Mom”

    December 22, 2018 at 4:13 pm

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