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The Lord Love Justice

Today we consider two wonderful truths: the Lord loves justice and He will not forsake his saints. Join us in Psalm 37:27-29.

Be Merciful

The Father Delights in You

Did you know that God delights in you?

The Ungodly versus the Righteous

Today we are halfway through Psalm 37. Let’s review some of the contrasts between the ungodly and the righteous, so that our knowledge of God the Father will increase.

A Prayer for the Persecuted

More than 260 million Christians experience high levels of persecution. Psalm 37 gives us a way to pray for those who suffer at the hands of the ungodly.

Remember Your Inheritance

A Moment with the Mills — a new name but the same format! Today we continue praying through Psalm 37, focusing on verses 10-13.

I Have Overcome the World

How do we respond when others, especially the ungodly, prosper while we do not? Psalm 37 gives us the answer.

Psalm 37:3-6 Trust and Do

Two precepts to consider as we start a new week.

We Begin Psalm 37

Join us as we begin our journey through this unique Psalm, Psalm 37.

Continue, O Lord!

A wonderful prayer to conclude Psalm 36: Continue Your lovingkindness!

A Description of God

Yesterday we read a description of the wicked. Today, David provides a description of God. What a contrast!

A Description of the Wicked

Today we begin Psalm 36, with David giving a description of the wicked.

Rejoice With Others

The conclusion to our praying through Psalm 35.

The God Who Sees

Prayer for a Testimony

A Look into David’s Heart

Change Our Hearts!

Responding to Your Enemies

How Are You Dressed?

The Lord Delivers

Set a Distance!

Waken Your Taste Buds!

David’s Testimony

O Magnify the Lord with Me