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RTO This Week: Feb. 21st

I would love to see you at RTO this week. My teaching on Romans 12 continues – please join us. It would be great to have you a part of a very unique evening where we love, pray, eat and enjoy God’s faithfulness and goodness. Everyone is welcome. (Free) dinner at 5:05 pm; program with worship and teaching at 6:05 pm We gather at our our hosted facility, the Glen Ellyn Bible Church.

Update # 2 from Ecuador

Our ministry in Ecuador kept us super busy this past weekend at an amazing church, Centro Cristiano Josué.  Thank you for your radical prayers – please continue.

Update # 1 from Ecuador

Upon arrival in Ecuador, We heard the shipment of Oración Radical (Radical Prayer) was still in the Port of Guayaquil because of an error in the paperwork. We prayed the books would be released in time for use at church on Sunday & prison on Monday. At 7 AM this morning the order arrived at the Quito distribution center! PTL!  We prayed for all the literature in the warehouse, asking God to use it to glorify Himself.

Ministry Trip to Ecuador

We leave today for an 11-day trip to Ecuador.  Please pray for us as we teach and minister in prisons and churches.

RTO for January 31st Canceled Due to Weather

Our host facility, the Glen Ellyn Bible Church, is going to be closed this Thursday, due to the weather and church policy. So sorry. Please note that during the church’s construction project, there may be future RTO cancellations as well.

Judson University Choir at RTO

Although the outside temperatures at RTO last night were dropping fast, the atmosphere and the temperatures in our hearts were rising with inspirational blazing fire, as Huntley Brown with the Judson Gospel Choir raised their voices singing the Very Word of God. Furthermore, Diana’s transparent, educational, real and genuine testimony, keeping it real, about how much she is hurting, with the recent deaths in her immediate family, plus the denial of her husband’s Modesto’s clemency (our disciple) and how our RTO family surrounded her with Radical Loving Prayer, spoke to the reason God our Father gave birth to Radical Time Out (RTO), aleluya.

RTO This Week: Judson University Choir

This week, you will be blessed and amazed at the music ministry of the Judson University Choir – and the keyboard artistry of RTO friend, Huntley Brown.  Please don’t miss this week’s RTO.