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If We’ve Ever Needed You

Please Watch this powerful video by Casting Crown with the 9/11 images and Pray Radically for the Holy Spirit to awaken an urgent/compelling/desperate Desire in each of us to lament with deep agony for the Church in America to lead us to consistent humility and radical repentance, Exodus 32-33!


A comment about JOY

Dixon “Report” from Gary Reynolds

I am very fortunate to have volunteer ministry partners who often visit prisons with me.  Earlier this week, a team of guys went with me to Dixon Correctional, in Dixon, IL.  Gary Reynolds is one of regular in-prison participants, and here’s his reaction to our time being with our inmate neighbors.

Personal Cards for Inmate Neighbors

From time to time, we have a “card writing” party at RTO. Tonight, we’ll have cards on the tables so everyone can write a personal note of love and encouragement to our inmate neighbors. We will also have this group shot as a 4×6 print to place inside the card. We hope you can be a part of this personal and direct way to minister to this very special group of people.

RTO Update

Praying radically is critical. Please join us at Radical Time Out to experience it. We meet every Thursday evening – see

RTO Notice for this week

I hope you can come to RTO this week. You will be blessed and encouraged with the report about our visit to Angola from Chuck, Troy and Jon who were with Barbara and me. Come hear a great report. Details at