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Jesus is Coming!

A Psalm of Thanksgiving (Part 3)

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A Thanksgiving Sacrifice

Ask with Thanksgiving

Give Thanks in All You Do

Give Thanks with One Another

Tell the Next Generation

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The City of the Great King

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Sing Praises!

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God, Our Refuge

God, Our Present Help

The Groom Praised Forever

The Bride’s Gifts

If you have been to a wedding, you know the anticipation that builds as everyone awaits the arrival of the bride. Psalm 45:13-15 gives us a picture of the bride as she leaves her chamber and makes her way to the king.

A Word for the Bride

A Description of Christ

The psalmist continues with his song of love, describing the beauty of the king — a foreshadowing of Christ Jesus.

Psalm 45: A Song of Love

A Great Plea to a Great God