Radical Prayer for Blog

An extraordinary new book from Moody Publishers.

When you pray “Hallowed be thy name,” big things happen.

Many of us pray with little heart, little faith, and little expectation. This is not how we were taught to pray.

In Radical Prayer, Manny Mill describes the power that filled his life and ministry when he started praying boldly and persistently for God to be glorified in all things, and he teaches us to do the same.

Please visit for online ordering information

2 books updated 2My Book, Radical Redemption, is the real story
of my life.  Here is how the publisher, Moody Publishing, explains it:

In 1986, the Lord Jesus Christ found Manny Mill while he was running from the FBI in Caracas, Venezuela. After surrendering his life to the Lord, Manny returned to the United States and served time in prison. He went on to establish a post-prison ministry and serves as its director today. Includes photo insert.

The first Chapter of the Spanish edition  is now online – please click here.

My book is available at these links:


The English version: click here         The Kindle edition:  click here

From Barnes and Noble:

The English version:  click here

From BooksAMillion:

The English version:  click here

E-Book version:  click here

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