A Moment with the Mills

Tell of God’s Favor

Hope in God! (Talk to Yourself, Part 3)

My Exceeding Joy

The God of My Strength

Talk to Yourself (Part 2): Hope in God

The Psalmist Asks, Why?

Today we see the psalmist ask, Why? Why, God, have you forsaken me? Why me, that I’m still in this trouble? And, to those, who were his enemies, Why do you oppress me? Do you ever ask, Why?

Do You Remember God?

Talk to Yourself!

A Thirst for God

A Pentateuch of Praise

A Messianic Prophecy Foretold

On the night he was betrayed, Jesus Himself told those seated at the supper table with him that Psalm 41:9 was a prophecy that was about to be fulfilled. Come see the link between Genesis 3:15, Psalm 41:9 and John 13:18.

Heal My Soul!

God By Our Bedside

More Thoughts of You

Five days ago, when we read Psalm 40:4-5, we were reminded that God had done many wonderful works and that His thoughts of us were too many to count! David returns to this marvelous truth as he ends his cry for help and praise to his deliverer.

Be Pleased, O Lord, to . . .

Can You Describe God?

If someone asked you to describe God, what would you say? Join us as we read what David — and Moses — learned about God.

What Do You Talk About?

In What Do You Delight?

God Thinks of You — Often!

Come discover an amazing truth about God. Like the good Father He is, He thinks of His children — often!

God Gives a New Song

A Final Cry from Psalm 39

My Hope is in the Lord

As David continues his prayer for wisdom and forgiveness, he makes a great declaration: my hope is in the Lord. Join us as we read, pray and sing today.

Life is but a Vapor

What is the Measure of Our Days?

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the car crash that claimed my wife’s three fingers — but not her life, aleluya! Interestingly, it is also the day we begin Psalm 39, where David ponders the measure of our days.