Meet Me At the Gate

Meet Me At The Gate – Sept. 11, 2017

Romeo was met at the gate this morning after several years behind bars. He was overwhelmed with emotion and giving thanks to God! By God’s help, he prayed with Nephtali and the team that he will never be an inmate again!


Larry Was Met At The Gate

Larry - MMATG for blog 2

In a very small town in southern Illinois, there’s a correctional facility called Pinckneyville. This morning, Larry was released from this state prison and was MET AT THE GATE by Nephtali and Jon.

We asked Larry what it was like to be met at the gate, and he said:
“It was awesome.”

Well, it is awesome that this Christ follower is now released and ready to grow strong and steady in his Christian walk living at the K-House. We welcome Larry to the RTO family!

Meet Me At The Gate

Whenever and wherever we can, “Meeting Someone at the Gate” is extremely valuable. Today, Jackie was “Met at the Gate” as she was released from jail, and there was a warm and loving group of people to show her love and support.Jackie Met at the Gate 2

“Meet Me At The Gate” – happened today

We encouraged and supported Jon Bell by meeting him at the gate as he walked out of DuPage County Jail today. Please let others know that this is one of the primary, core elements of the Koinonia ministry.FB post June 29th

“I’m Not Alone” – George Montañés

“Meet Me at the Gate” is an essential part of the Koinonia Ministry and the day after Christmas, George Montañéz was met at the gate by family and ministry friends to “welcome him home” after serving over 20 years at Danville Correctional.  He enjoyed a wonderful meal at a local restaurant, and is featured in this photo below, and offered a few personal reflections on the video above.
George's Homecoming