One Minute with Manny Mill

I Have Overcome the World

How do we respond when others, especially the ungodly, prosper while we do not? Psalm 37 gives us the answer.

Psalm 37:3-6 Trust and Do

Two precepts to consider as we start a new week.

We Begin Psalm 37

Join us as we begin our journey through this unique Psalm, Psalm 37.

Continue, O Lord!

A wonderful prayer to conclude Psalm 36: Continue Your lovingkindness!

A Description of God

Yesterday we read a description of the wicked. Today, David provides a description of God. What a contrast!

A Description of the Wicked

Today we begin Psalm 36, with David giving a description of the wicked.

Rejoice With Others

The conclusion to our praying through Psalm 35.

The God Who Sees

Prayer for a Testimony

A Look into David’s Heart

Change Our Hearts!

Responding to Your Enemies

How Are You Dressed?

The Lord Delivers

Set a Distance!

Waken Your Taste Buds!

David’s Testimony

O Magnify the Lord with Me

Mercy and Hope (Psalm 33:20-22)

God is Worthy to be Praised: Because He Sees All

God is Worthy to be Praised: Because He Created the World

God is Worthy to be Praised: Because of His Word

To God Be the Glory!

Our Trademark of Joy