Prison Visits

Flash Back Photo

Flash Back – from 16 years ago – I was speaking and preaching to our inmate neighbors at Angola Prison.  What a privilege it has been to stay connected with this maximum security penitentiary where the Church is alive.

Reflections from a Family Member

A very clear and meaningful text message was sent to Manny and Barbara while they were on their way to Dixon Correctional this morning to minister to the church “inside the walls.” What a great perspective about how this “ministry works.”

Hill Correctional Prayer Conference

Please pray for Manny and Barbara.

Dixon “Report” from Gary Reynolds

I am very fortunate to have volunteer ministry partners who often visit prisons with me.  Earlier this week, a team of guys went with me to Dixon Correctional, in Dixon, IL.  Gary Reynolds is one of regular in-prison participants, and here’s his reaction to our time being with our inmate neighbors.

RTO Notice for this week

I hope you can come to RTO this week. You will be blessed and encouraged with the report about our visit to Angola from Chuck, Troy and Jon who were with Barbara and me. Come hear a great report. Details at

A Ministry Perspective from a Volunteer

Steve Chambers is driven with joyful passion, zeal, commitment and love for the incarcerated and their families. This is refreshing, contagious and unparalleled. Steve is the “real deal” and a very valuable member of our Radical Time Out Family. Hence, he loves those impacted by incarceration with the compelling love of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:14).

Dixon Correctional Report

“Our Good Father surprised me again in how in His sovereignty He chose this team to go with me to Dixon Prison this past Wednesday as the theme of “Releasing and Unleashing” was clearly presented by all of our amazing team members when they had their opportunity to minister to the men, without them knowing that it was the theme from Hebrews 12:1-2 that I was to preach in our first revival service, aleluya”

Many with volunteer team of Gary, Phil, Scott and Chuck