Prison Visits

Unexpected Surprise at Pontiac Correctional

The KHNM team experienced a God moment today. They met Joseph, a former K House resident, inside Pontiac Correctional who was speaking at the same re-entry summit where Manny and the team were speaking.    Joseph is on parole but told the inmates he never forgot the lessons from living at the Koinonia House. This wasn’t planned and God arranged it. There was a meaningful “re-connection” between Joseph and Manny, and it resulted in great impact on the inmates attending.

FGW Pontiac Correctional Report

The FREEDOM GOD’S WAY team spent three days with about 75 inmates who enthusiastically and radically learned the cost of following Jesus. We learned how to “pray radically to love radically” and to how to hallow the name of our Good Good Father.  We were all challenged to think deeply concerning the truths of God’s Word. Together we passionately worshiped the Lord and sang praises to our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. Freedom God’s Way is a beautiful gathering of like-minded followers of Jesus celebrating our Father’s love for His children and desiring to know and serve Him more freely and sacrificially.

Vandalia Correctional “Freedom God’s Way” Report

“One of the highlights of our “Freedom God’s Way” weekend in Vandalia Prison, apart from the Practical Biblical teaching and preaching, was when my super-duper friend and partner Tom Horton showed on Friday evening the extraordinary video of Willow Creek’s extremely well organized and clear demonstration of their all-out tangible and visible love for ALL inmates in Illinois prisons and jails through their Christmas Package gift. All of last week’s services at Willow were 100% dedicated to bring biblical awareness that people in prison and jail are our neighbors, Luke 10:27; Hebrews 13:3, including Pastor Bill Hybel’s message. Then seeing the gift packages delivered to ALL the Vandalia inmates on Saturday and then the inmates bringing them to us to see – it was very encouraging. Aleluya!”

Note: Here’s the link to the video Manny mentioned abov e:

Redemption Story Shared at Lake County Jail.

This was the pointed question that Eugene Tanniehill — sentenced to death in the electric chair — heard very clearly as he sat alone in his death-row cell in Angola Prison.

“Tanniehill, who is greater than I?” — the question came again to the man who eventually would spend 52 years at Angola, in later years becoming known as the “Bishop” — the “chaplain of chaplains” at this maximum-strength prison.

In this powerful video segment, Bishop Tanniehill tells his powerful story of redemption and God’s love that started with that audible voice to a group of inmates at Lake County Jail in northern Illinois, recorded when he visited Manny and Barbara Mill this summer.

Rarely, if ever, are video camera allowed in prisons or jails, so this film is extraordinary in many ways. Please feel free to share with your church, in small groups, with pastors and church leaders, to demonstrate the impact of God’s Love and opportunity of in-prison ministry.

You are about to have a front-row seat on redemption!

Prayer Alert for FREEDOM GOD’S WAY

This coming weekend, our faithful, victorious FREEDOM GOD’S WAY team will be at Jacksonville Correctional.  Please pray for them radically as they reach out to our neighbors behind those walls.


Freedom God’s Way – Please Pray

July 9th post - Hill Correctional
Please pray for Manny, Barbara, Tom and Wendy as they present “Freedom God’s Way” at Hill Correctional, Galesburg, IL

Huge Surprise in Prison

Put your imagination to work for a moment – imagine that you’re a female inmate in a jail in Murfreesboro, TN, and you somehow heard about this guy, Manny Mill, via the Moody Radio affiliate in Nashville and was intrigued with his story about running from the FBI and going to Venezuela. So, you decide to ask the prison chaplain if he could get this guy’s book, since you heard that he had written one about his life experience.

Then, imagine this guy, Manny Mill and his team show up at your prison, and you get to meet him personally and get handed both of his books.

Well, for Brenda, this was not her imagination – this is what actually happened this past weekend when Manny, Barbara and Nephtali went to Murfreesboro to participate in some special prison ministry events.

God has surprises for all of us all the time. He is a good, good Father who surprised one of his daughters in a way she didn’t ask for, think for, or imagine! The photo below includes Brenda’s actual request to her chaplain.Inmate request collage