Prison Visits

Excited to head out to the DuPage County Jail today for six half-hour pastoral visits. First time with the men since end of February

Flash Back Photo

Flash Back – from 16 years ago – I was speaking and preaching to our inmate neighbors at Angola Prison.  What a privilege it has been to stay connected with this maximum security penitentiary where the Church is alive.

Reflections from a Family Member

A very clear and meaningful text message was sent to Manny and Barbara while they were on their way to Dixon Correctional this morning to minister to the church “inside the walls.” What a great perspective about how this “ministry works.”

Hill Correctional Prayer Conference

Please pray for Manny and Barbara.

Dixon “Report” from Gary Reynolds

I am very fortunate to have volunteer ministry partners who often visit prisons with me.  Earlier this week, a team of guys went with me to Dixon Correctional, in Dixon, IL.  Gary Reynolds is one of regular in-prison participants, and here’s his reaction to our time being with our inmate neighbors.

RTO Notice for this week

I hope you can come to RTO this week. You will be blessed and encouraged with the report about our visit to Angola from Chuck, Troy and Jon who were with Barbara and me. Come hear a great report. Details at

A Ministry Perspective from a Volunteer

Steve Chambers is driven with joyful passion, zeal, commitment and love for the incarcerated and their families. This is refreshing, contagious and unparalleled. Steve is the “real deal” and a very valuable member of our Radical Time Out Family. Hence, he loves those impacted by incarceration with the compelling love of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:14).

Dixon Correctional Report

“Our Good Father surprised me again in how in His sovereignty He chose this team to go with me to Dixon Prison this past Wednesday as the theme of “Releasing and Unleashing” was clearly presented by all of our amazing team members when they had their opportunity to minister to the men, without them knowing that it was the theme from Hebrews 12:1-2 that I was to preach in our first revival service, aleluya”

Many with volunteer team of Gary, Phil, Scott and Chuck

Update Report

Panama Update: One of Manny’s preaching opportunities in La Joya prison to hundreds of precious men!

Report from Menard Correctional – Freedom God’s Way

A report from the “Freedom God’s Way” ministry this past weekend at Menard Correctional Center by Ben Evangelista:

Menard Correctional Center & Freedom God’s Way causes God’s broken ones to come to Him just like Myron did who is serving a 45 year sentence for murder. Only about 1 percent of the 4000 inmates were allowed to join us for 3 days in this desperately dark place…but by the grace of God these men will go back to their cell houses and serve as God’s ambassadors.

Just like Myron was doing when in front of all the other inmates, the many officers who roamed the room and the officer with the rifle in the tower, he stood up and stated out loud to everyone: “I renounce my gang affiliation, I drop my colors, you may now call me by my real name, Myron. I am no longer the loose cannon”…because, as Myron put it, Jesus says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”, 2 Cor 12:8. Praise God for Myron and for all the men who were allowed to come, who shared the Lord’s supper.

Pray that each man goes deep in relationship with Christ and PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens), developing a shameless, radical prayer life, Luke 11:8. Pray that our team is able to return with greater consistently, that the Lord adds more inmates as the administration and officers see how “corrections is done correctly”. In Jesus name, Amen

Report from Vienna Correctional, Freedom God’s Way

Report from Vienna Correctional:

“Over 80 men made peace with Our Father Friday! Scores of others learned to pray Radically today at prison revival! Grand finale tomorrow!”

Upcoming Visit to Pinckneyville Correctional

Dear Radical Prayer friends:   Please pray radically for our “Freedom God’s Way” Revival inside Pinckneyville Correctional Center this weekend (where most men are in their prison cells 18 hours per day with very restrictive movement) as The Hortons and I go in determined and compelled to proclaim Christ crucified and resurrected with the Glorious Hope of Jesus Christ, so hundreds of men will experience “Permanent Freedom in Jesus alone, God our Father’s ONLY Way, NOT their Way”, aleluya.  I Corinthians 1:18-2:6. So, they will meet their Heavenly Father radically and get to know the Father the same way Jesus knows the Father to Pray and Love as Jesus does, aleluya.   That is indeed Radical Biblical Discipleship, aleluya.  

 Here is the  objective:  To be Like Christ so they can pray and Love Like Christ. 

Ministry Report from Lawrence and Robinson

Report from Manny:
“Many of the men at Lawrence and Robinson gave public testimony that their hearts became awakened and their spirits rebooted to the Truth and Grace of the Proclaimed Gospel, as they learned to trust in our Good Father ALONE through Jesus Christ and in the Power of the Spirit, Psalm 125.  The Chaplain at Lawrence gave testimony that our “Freedom God’s Way” revival was the best seminar/retreat he has ever seen in prison for the greater Hallowing of our Father, aleluya.”

Report from Logan Correctional Ministry Visit

Our in-prison ministry team had an outstanding 2-day visit to Logan Correctional, a woman’s prison in Lincoln, IL. Here are “report” comments from Manny, and Tom and Wendy.

Unexpected Surprise at Pontiac Correctional

The KHNM team experienced a God moment today. They met Joseph, a former K House resident, inside Pontiac Correctional who was speaking at the same re-entry summit where Manny and the team were speaking.    Joseph is on parole but told the inmates he never forgot the lessons from living at the Koinonia House. This wasn’t planned and God arranged it. There was a meaningful “re-connection” between Joseph and Manny, and it resulted in great impact on the inmates attending.

FGW Pontiac Correctional Report

The FREEDOM GOD’S WAY team spent three days with about 75 inmates who enthusiastically and radically learned the cost of following Jesus. We learned how to “pray radically to love radically” and to how to hallow the name of our Good Good Father.  We were all challenged to think deeply concerning the truths of God’s Word. Together we passionately worshiped the Lord and sang praises to our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. Freedom God’s Way is a beautiful gathering of like-minded followers of Jesus celebrating our Father’s love for His children and desiring to know and serve Him more freely and sacrificially.

Vandalia Correctional “Freedom God’s Way” Report

“One of the highlights of our “Freedom God’s Way” weekend in Vandalia Prison, apart from the Practical Biblical teaching and preaching, was when my super-duper friend and partner Tom Horton showed on Friday evening the extraordinary video of Willow Creek’s extremely well organized and clear demonstration of their all-out tangible and visible love for ALL inmates in Illinois prisons and jails through their Christmas Package gift. All of last week’s services at Willow were 100% dedicated to bring biblical awareness that people in prison and jail are our neighbors, Luke 10:27; Hebrews 13:3, including Pastor Bill Hybel’s message. Then seeing the gift packages delivered to ALL the Vandalia inmates on Saturday and then the inmates bringing them to us to see – it was very encouraging. Aleluya!”

Note: Here’s the link to the video Manny mentioned abov e:

Redemption Story Shared at Lake County Jail.

This was the pointed question that Eugene Tanniehill — sentenced to death in the electric chair — heard very clearly as he sat alone in his death-row cell in Angola Prison.

“Tanniehill, who is greater than I?” — the question came again to the man who eventually would spend 52 years at Angola, in later years becoming known as the “Bishop” — the “chaplain of chaplains” at this maximum-strength prison.

In this powerful video segment, Bishop Tanniehill tells his powerful story of redemption and God’s love that started with that audible voice to a group of inmates at Lake County Jail in northern Illinois, recorded when he visited Manny and Barbara Mill this summer.

Rarely, if ever, are video camera allowed in prisons or jails, so this film is extraordinary in many ways. Please feel free to share with your church, in small groups, with pastors and church leaders, to demonstrate the impact of God’s Love and opportunity of in-prison ministry.

You are about to have a front-row seat on redemption!

Prayer Alert for FREEDOM GOD’S WAY

This coming weekend, our faithful, victorious FREEDOM GOD’S WAY team will be at Jacksonville Correctional.  Please pray for them radically as they reach out to our neighbors behind those walls.


Freedom God’s Way – Please Pray

July 9th post - Hill Correctional
Please pray for Manny, Barbara, Tom and Wendy as they present “Freedom God’s Way” at Hill Correctional, Galesburg, IL

Huge Surprise in Prison

Put your imagination to work for a moment – imagine that you’re a female inmate in a jail in Murfreesboro, TN, and you somehow heard about this guy, Manny Mill, via the Moody Radio affiliate in Nashville and was intrigued with his story about running from the FBI and going to Venezuela. So, you decide to ask the prison chaplain if he could get this guy’s book, since you heard that he had written one about his life experience.

Then, imagine this guy, Manny Mill and his team show up at your prison, and you get to meet him personally and get handed both of his books.

Well, for Brenda, this was not her imagination – this is what actually happened this past weekend when Manny, Barbara and Nephtali went to Murfreesboro to participate in some special prison ministry events.

God has surprises for all of us all the time. He is a good, good Father who surprised one of his daughters in a way she didn’t ask for, think for, or imagine! The photo below includes Brenda’s actual request to her chaplain.Inmate request collage

FGW Report

“FREEDOM GOD’S WAY” report from Manny:

PRAISE/PRAYER ALERT: “Another Preacher’s delight: I have been preaching from 2 Chronicles 20 (v12) the last 2 days, so once again our Good Father SURPRISED me with Ronald also, who came to me yesterday afternoon at Robinson prison in the midst of the service with tears running down his face and said: “I want to become a Christian NOW”🙂! Also Joshua came and said: “I don’t want to be a homosexual anymore”! The whole gym erupted with applause and radical JOY as a result of your “Radical Prayers”! “When we PRAY Hallow be Thy Name BIG THINGS HAPPEN”, Aleluya! Please keep praying radically for more “Frequent Supernatural Break-throughs” that we lead to more miracles of “Radical Redemption” and transformation, as we enter into Stateville Prison soon for the next 2 days.”FGW June 11

“Freedom God’s Way” – at Robinson Correctional and Stateville Correction

The awesome “Freedom God’s Way” team, Manny-Tom-Wendy, will spend the next 4 days at 2 Illinois state prisons. Please pray for them.FB post FGW June 9

Prison Report from Pinckneyville Correctional

Pinkneyvill prison report

Manny and Tom are on a “Freedom God’s Way” trip to 2 prisons downstate. Here’s an amazing report from Manny:

“Earlier today as I was preaching in Pinckneyville Prison in southern IL, in a Gym filled with the unction of the Holy Spirit, and with many men and officers, a young man raised his hand in the middle of my sermon, to which I stopped, and asked me: “How may I become a Christian Now”? The whole gym went into an eruption of vibrant/unspeakable Joy, aleluya. God our Father was truly Hallowed! There was a vivid and noticeable electricity in the Gym. So, I immediately stopped by sermon and guided this young man through the Word of God, specially Romans 10:9-10, to which he responded with immediate gratitude, humility and genuine repentance, which drove him to Jesus Christ, Him crucified and resurrected, aleluya. At the conclusion of my sermon, many others followed the young man’s courageous example and stood up to ask our Father for His Radical Grace and a new beginning”.