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A comment about JOY

Delight Yourself in the Lord

Here is a verse that will be a part of my RTO message this week.

The Surprising Wonders of God Our Good Father

“God is eager to surprise us with his wonders when we pray radically to love radically. We need to pray with great anticipation, radical expectation, and unwavering confidence in the finished redemptive work of Christ Jesus.” – Manny Mill
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One of my favorite Chuck Colson quotes

Chuck Colson’s resurrection experience and Christian legacy impacted me forever, when he first loved me radically by taking me out of prison in February of 1988, to participate in Prison Fellowship’s Washington Discipleship Seminar, which led me to Wheaton College through the Colson Scholarship. It was then that Chuck chose me as one of his living monuments, challenging me to ‘Keep my Post and Do my Duty” – Manny Millcolson-quote-for-blog

Wise Words from “the other side of the wall”

Most of you know that I have strong feelings about “fighting for your joy.”  Well, today we received a comment (shown in the photo) from one of our RTO family who is currently incarcerated.   These words speak so “eloquently” to how we can see and seek joy, even for someone serving time.  What a great way to start this week.  Aleluya!this-week-quote

Is something wrong?

Something is Wrong