Radical Prayer

Radical, Fervent Prayer Event at RTO

Last Thursday at RTO , we experienced an evening of radical and fervent prayer. See what you think:

Every week at Radical Time Out (RTO), we become more desperate to enter deeper into the same perpetual relationship that God our Good Father enjoys with His only begotten Son and our Older Brother, Jesus Christ, without interruption nor distraction. Aleluya! That is what we call Radical Biblical Prayer, to Hallow the Holy Name of God our Heavenly Father in Greater ways.

Artwork from an original photo of an inmate from Angola.

RTO Update

Praying radically is critical. Please join us at Radical Time Out to experience it. We meet every Thursday evening – see www.RadicalTimeOut.info

Radical Prayer Discussion on Karl and Crew

Join the conversation tomorrow morning when I talk about radical prayer with the Karl and Crew team on their morning Moody radio program.

Pastor Tom Severson, this week’s Pastor of the Week

We are going to be very blessed by having Pastor Tom Severson of the Elgin Vineyard Church come to RTO this Thursday.   He has a book entitle “Who Holds the Knife” – and this is how Amazon describes it:  “This book chronicles the violence that turned a pastor into a victim. You will be inspired as father and son tell of meeting mercy and life instead of evil and death.”

I hope you can come to RTO this week.  I will be giving a message entitled “Time to Conquer” from the book of Joshua.

RTO Message: “Radical Christianity” – part 6


May 4th – National Day of Prayer