Radical Time Out

Christmas Cards for Our Inmate Neighbors

Last night at RTO we had the joyous opportunity to personally write Christmas cards to our inmate neighbors.  Lots of joy in making this personal connection – and we can only imagine the  joy that will be received when they arrive.  The cards will include a 4×6 print of the RTO photo shown here.

Radical, Fervent Prayer Event at RTO

Last Thursday at RTO , we experienced an evening of radical and fervent prayer. See what you think:

Fervant, Healing Radicl Prayer Meeting

I am inviting you and all of those you know to next Thursday’s, November 21st RTO Fervent, Healing Radical Prayer Meeting, to enter into others’ sufferings as well as your sufferings, just like Jesus does, to pray radically for you and the many in the Church who are in desperate need of emotional and physical healing.


RTO message from November 7th

Here is my message I delivered at RTO last evening, “Devoted to Prayer.”   I would be honored for you to watch this:

Our Devotion to Prayer

Here is one of my main points in this week’s RTO message, “Devoted to Prayer.”  Please join us Thursday, Nov. 7th, 6:05 (free) dinner; 7:05 worship and program.

Huntley Brown and Judson University Choir – at RTO

Don’t miss RTO tonight – a spectacular evening with Huntley Brown and the Judson University Choir.

5:05 pm (free dinner) 6:05 pm program – hosted at Glen Ellyn Bible Church, 501 Hillside, Glen Ellyn

Foot Washing at RTO

It was my greatest privilege to actively follow the visible example of my Lord/Teacher Jesus Christ, John 13:14-17, by washing the precious feet of my friends from Wayside Cross Mission last night at RTO Driven by Paul’s Non-Negotiable for Freedom for Christians #8 “Serving The Lord” which must be the FOCUS of every Christian with the intensity of being “Fervent in Spirit”, Romans 12:11b-c, Aleluya!