Radical Time Out

RTO Updated Location and Schedule

Next Thursday, April 18th, RTO is back on regular schedule – 5:05 (free) dinner, and 6:05 program and worship.  Please join us at The Commons, College Church of Wheaton.  (check the link below for the Google Maps to the church.)



No RTO This Week

This is a friendly reminder that we do not have RTO this week, April 11th.  Everything is set for April 18th as our next RTO – 5:05 (free) dinner – 6:05 worship and program.  Join us then – and let your friends know about this scheduling.  Aleluya!


RTO Schedule – No RTO this week –

New RTO Location This Week

This Thursday, April 4th, at RTO (at College Church’s Commons) we will also celebrate my 31st year out of man’s prison (April 6th, 1988), by God our Father’s Grace alone, as I preach a sermon titled:  “Don’t Forget. Make Sure” that flows out of the Gospel of Love (Romans 12:10a; 2 Peter 1:1-15), Aleluya!!! Please join us with friends.

Pastor Nelson Vargas Coming To RTO

Pastor Nelson Vargas, a very special ministry and RTO friend, is going to be with us at RTO this week.  (Thursday night, starting at 5:05 pm at Glen Ellyn Bible Church)  Many of you have seen this video – but you may want to see it again.  And if you have not seen this, you will be totally amazed at this God story of reconciliation. We are looking forward to having Pastor Vargas with us, and we will also be celebrating him as our “Pastor of the Week.”  Don’t miss it.

RTO Message March 14th

Manny’s message at RTO last evening: “Practical Ways from the Parable of the Good Samaritan with RTO Audience Participation in How Christians Must Be Kindly Affectionate To One Another” (Many thanks to the “actors” from the audience.)

This Week’s RTO Message from Romans 12

Join us at RTO this Thursday night.  Plan for audience participation as a part of my message.  For times and location, visit http://www.RadicalTimeOut.info