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Our Guest Bible Teacher This Week at RTO

Pastor Daryle Worley, from Grace Church of DuPage, will be our guest Bible teacher this week at Radical Time Out, Thursday evening. This is a short “invite” for you.


RTO Invitation from Pastor Dan

Pastor Dan from St. John’s Lutheran Church is our guest Bible teacher at RTO this week – and we’ll be blessed with their volunteers preparing our meal, their worship team leading us, and one of their Elders, Jon Romano, serving as Emcee. Come join us for an awesome evening at Radical Time Out.

RTO Update

Praying radically is critical. Please join us at Radical Time Out to experience it. We meet every Thursday evening – see www.RadicalTimeOut.info

Comment on YouTube

Each week, we post the Thursday night RTO message on our YouTube channel as a way to share Biblical teaching to a larger audience.  We never know how many individuals might see it, but this past week, we received this comment on YouTube about Thursday’s message:

Wow Manny, this message brings so many things to me: conviction, need to be 100% for God (I hesitate, I dread to think what is my % of commitment). And the kicker at the end, blessing depends on our, on my obedience. But I think that we have a terrible combination working against us; not only pride but also selfishness, laziness, and many other things that we allow to take away from the 100% we should be aiming at. The target is so high that if it was not for Jesus I, we, would never make it home. I quote Paul, paraphrasing, “I’m chained to this wretched body and only by the blood of Jesus the Christ I can be set free!”. – Ricardo

Here’s the entire RTO message:

A Ministry Perspective from a Volunteer

Steve Chambers is driven with joyful passion, zeal, commitment and love for the incarcerated and their families. This is refreshing, contagious and unparalleled. Steve is the “real deal” and a very valuable member of our Radical Time Out Family. Hence, he loves those impacted by incarceration with the compelling love of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:14).

No RTO on April 12th

As we have announced, our hosting facility, Glen Ellyn Bible Church, will not be available for RTO this week. They are setting up for the Mobile Feedpack project. If you’d like to volunteer (or donate funds) please visit this page:

RTO Anniversary Report

RTO last evening was an amazing celebration of Grace as I talked about my 30th anniversary of being released from prison. Here are some of the photo collages in my message –

And here is the video of my message: