Radical Time Out

Let’s All Get Together for RTO – VIRTUALLY

Aleluya! We’ll be Zooming again this Thursday evening at 6:00 PM CDT for RTO thanks to the Zoom internet platform. It’s very simple and easy to use. You can download the Zoom app – or simply go to www.zoom.us from any device and click on “Join” or “Join Meeting” at the top of the page. – All you need is the “Meeting Number for RTO” which is:  484 432 482

We’re looking forward to “seeing you.”

RTO Going “Live Stream” on ZOOM This Thursday

In order to have the RTO experience, and still keep everyone at home, RTO will go “live stream” this week on the ZOOM platform, Thursday, March 19th, 6:00 pm. Our team has worked extra hard to make this happen – all the details are in this special edition newsletter:
Please click below:

“Healing Prayer” Prayer Meeting at RTO

We’re looking forward to our second “healing prayer” prayer meeting at Radical Time Out this week.  In my comments, I will speak about the A-C-T-S format of prayer.   Please join us – 5:05 pm for dinner, 6:05 for the program, this Thursday, March 12th, hosted at the Glen Ellyn Bible Church.

RTO – March 5, 2020

A great night is in store this evening – come join us.   Pastor Dan has an amazing message you need to hear.

Communion at RTO

Barbara and I will be presenting part 3 of our Prayer Conference at RTO tomorrow evening, Feb. 27th.  We will also be celebrating communion.   Please join us.

Feb. 20th – RTO

Another fresh look at prayer this week at RTO.  Barbara and I will present part 2 of our prayer conference program that we share in prisons.
This Thursday, Feb. 20th, dinner at 5:05 pm, program at 6:05 pm – hosted at Glen Ellyn Bible Church

Prayer Conference at RTO

We are eager to give you a “taste” of the In-Prison Prayer Conference this week at RTO with very recent examples of how God the Father opened doors in CUBA when His People prayed radically, Luke 11:8-13! Thursday, Feb 6th, 5:05 pm (free dinner); 6:05 program – hosted at Glen Ellyn Bible Church, 501 Hillside, G.E.