Radical Time Out

RTO Message, March 23, 2017

RTO on March 16th

What a great evening we had at RTO – special guests included the entire staff of JUST of DuPage – and a great testimony and ministry update from Pastor Mary Ann D’Onofrio.

Personal Invite to RTO

Manny has an invitation for you:

Radical Prayer at Radical Time Out

Have you thought about praying deeper, more passionately, and more radically? Come visit Radical Time Out. www.RadicalTimeOut.info for details of location and times.

This Week’s RTO

Here are 2 media files to help you see what RTO was all about this week – a slide show video – and Manny’s devotional message:

RTO Devotional – Feb. 23, 2017 – “Consecrate to Me, Your Father”

100% Night at RTO

This past RTO, February 9th, was a wonderful evening – a wide range of music and entertainment styles were on hand, and everyone had the chance to profess that they’re 100% in. All in the name of “hallowing” God, our good Father.