Sheridan Correctional Visit

Barb and I are celebrating 30 years of Radical and adventurous marriage which included an extravagant visit to JESUS, yesterday to Sheridan Correctional. Our team included Senior Pastor Dr. Mitch Kim from Wellspring Church in Wheaton and a fabulous group of his volunteers. The men who filled the gym in the Gold Mine of Sheridan prison had a glorious, encouraging, redemptive and radical celebration, as we started the year in the Word, superb music, testimonies and great fellowship with a healthy and delicious lunch! We have committed in 2020 to labor in fervent Biblical prayer, Colossians 4:12, Aleluya

I will also be preaching twice Sunday morning at Wellspring, Jan. 5th! You’re invited to come to celebrate, Partake and experience afresh the Radical, unlimited, infinite and EXPLOSIVE Grace of God our Father, in Jesus Christ, Aleluya! Matthew 25:43; 2 Corinthians 12:9!

Happy New Year

“As we begin 2020, let’s refocus and FIX our eyes on Jesus 100%, with a 20/20 Passionate VISION, to see our Father’s Glory, to drive us to an intimate relationship with the Father, to Pray Radically and without ceasing, that others will experience, like we have, Jesus’ confrontation of HIs liberating TRUTH, Jesus’ RADICAL and COMPELLING LOVE for The Father, The Invasion of The Father’s EXPLOSIVE GRACE and the PERMANENT EMPOWERMENT of The Holy Spirit, to experience the desperate REVIVAL we need in the CHURCH in America, 2 Chronicles 7:1-18; 20, Aleluya!”

Last RTO for 2019 – Join Us

At this extra special time of the year, we will be blessed beyond measure with an amazing Christmas concert of praise and worship thanks to our RTO ministry partner, Howard Meell from Detroit, MI, along with his musical team.  Don’t miss it.  This Thursday – 5:05 (free) dinner, 6:05 for program and concert – Hosted at the Glen Ellyn Bible Church, 501 Hillside, Glen Ellyn.  Please share this with your friends.

2019 Koinonia Banquet Overview

It was an amazing evening last night at our annual fund raising banquet. Here’s a short video slide show. (Music by Huntley Brown, our musical guest artist for the banquet.)

New Devotional

My newest devotional:  “The Non-Negotiables of Freedom for Christians” #7

In Romans 12, the Apostle Paul gives us 13 non-negotiables of freedom for Christians. The banner that flies over this passage is “by the mercies of God,” and he is charging us to stop trying to be a Christian and just be one. Show that you are a Christian by doing what is required of you, as Jesus fulfilled the requirements of His Father. Stop being two-faced and engaging with the world. Be real.   (to continue reading, click here)


Devotional: Gospel of Justice and Mercy

Please click below to read my newest devotional:

God’s Gym

Here is the text from slide #9 of my message, “Crisis of Faith, Part 3,” this week at RTO. Please join us this Thursday for a Radical Time Out at 5:05 pm for (free) dinner, and 6:05 program. We’re hosted at the Glen Ellyn Bible Church, 501 Hillside, Glen Ellyn.