REDEEMED – final weekend

To all my friends – I hope you can see REDEEMED – an amazing dramatic performance about the “fall and rise” of my mentor, Chuck Colson.  The dates and times for the final 4 performances are shown below.

Please visit www.provisiontheater.org for ticket sales and information.  Barbara Mill has an exceptional comment below about this production.



32 Years Ago Today

New Visit to Menard Correctional

We start today (Jan. 19th) at Menard Correctional – presenting “Freedom God’s Way”.  Please pray for us – this is a very difficult prison – in many ways.   This is a maximum security facility with about 4000 inmates.   Here’s my team on this visit:  Tom Horton, Ben and Cindy Evangelista, Beatriz and Ray Howe

RTO on January 4th

Please join us at RTO this Thursday, Jan. 4th. (free) dinner at 5:15 – program at 6:15 – hosted at Glen Ellyn Bible Church. Manny’s message will be a vision statement for the coming year, based on Exodus 15.

Merry Christmas, 2017

Barbara and I, and my whole team, wish you a God-centered Christmas. Aleluya!

Report from Radical Prayer Conference at Hill Correctional

Barbara Mill reports on the recent weekend visit to Hill Correctional in Galesburg, IL, where she and Manny hosted the Radical Prayer Conference.

Report from Radical Prayer Conference at Hill Correctional

Barb and I, together with the men and the Chaplain, witnessed the astonishing, wonderful wonders of God our Father, at our Radical Prayer Conference inside the Hill Prison in Galesburg, IL, this past weekend!!  We saw men coming to Christ, as the Holy Spirit called for Radical Time Outs, in the middle of my sermons, during Barb’s teaching and also the many times we prayed radically together.  At one of our prayer sessions the men confessed sin for over 50 minutes non-stop!! We saw an inmate father reconciled to his inmate son during one of our sessions.  We also saw a homosexual/transgender inmate repent, restored and commit to follow Christ alone.  We saw gang bangers cry and others weep.  We saw revival brewing, aleluya.  The Holy Spirit also confirmed that these Radical Prayer Conferences, in churches and prisons, is the way to go for our ministry to really bridge the huge gap between the Christian Church in Prison and the Church in the Street to really make disciples of Jesus Christ because to be like Christ is to pray like Christ, Joshua 3:5; 2 Chronicles 7:1-14; Mark 11:17!!