ELTV: A Radical Prayer with Manny & Barbara Mill

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When they began to pray persistently, expectantly, with purpose, and hallowing God’s name, Manny and Barbara Mills’ most impossible prayers began to be answered.

In their book “Radical Prayer”, they share real-life stories of some of their ‘Top 10 Impossible Prayers’ that have been answered once they completely changed their approach. In a recent television taping for Everlasting Love — a TV program taped and broadcast in Chicago — the Mill’s share the story of how the book came to life, and a few of the major impacts that their impossible prayers have had since — including the launch of Radical Time Out, a weekly program for families in crisis that meets at two Chicago-area churches.

“Jesus did not teach his disciples to preach” Manny points out, quoting D.L. Moody, “he taught them to pray.” And when you “pray as an act of hallowing God’s name, big things happen.”

In the interview, Barbara and Manny also talk about miraculous reconciliation within their blended family, the impact of prayer on transformation of an inmate at Angola Prison, and the extraordinary way they first met in Israel.

Comments from Calvary Chapel, Aurora, Colorado

The video of Manny’s message from February 19th is linked in the post 2 down from this one.



A JOY report at RTO

We were extra fortunate to have Frankie Roskam at RTO this week to share her ministry called Justification of Youth (JOY) – an amazing work with needy kids in the Dominican Republic. Please check out her amazing web site:   http://www.spreadjoynow.org/


Barbara Mill speaking at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas

Barbara was the guest speaker at the Christmas Tea, a women’s event last week at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas.  Her message, “Believe” is outstanding – check it out: (click the start arrow in the lower left hand corner)

Ladies Christmas Tea I 2016 from Calvary Chapel Las Vegas on Vimeo.

Manny on Moody Radio – Discussing Cuba


For extraordinary insight and perspective on what is happening in Cuba right now, listen in as Manny talks about his home country with Karl and June.  https://www.moodyradiochicago.fm/

Testimony at RTO this week

Here’s a very short invitation from Sam Mahisekar who will be giving his testimony at RTO this week:

Manny Speaking at Pastor Nelson Vargas’ Church – Chicago


Manny will be speaking at Iglesia Evangelica Silohe this coming Sunday morning. Everyone is welcome.