2019 Koinonia Banquet Overview

It was an amazing evening last night at our annual fund raising banquet. Here’s a short video slide show. (Music by Huntley Brown, our musical guest artist for the banquet.)

New Devotional

My newest devotional:  “The Non-Negotiables of Freedom for Christians” #7

In Romans 12, the Apostle Paul gives us 13 non-negotiables of freedom for Christians. The banner that flies over this passage is “by the mercies of God,” and he is charging us to stop trying to be a Christian and just be one. Show that you are a Christian by doing what is required of you, as Jesus fulfilled the requirements of His Father. Stop being two-faced and engaging with the world. Be real.   (to continue reading, click here)


Devotional: Gospel of Justice and Mercy

Please click below to read my newest devotional:

God’s Gym

Here is the text from slide #9 of my message, “Crisis of Faith, Part 3,” this week at RTO. Please join us this Thursday for a Radical Time Out at 5:05 pm for (free) dinner, and 6:05 program. We’re hosted at the Glen Ellyn Bible Church, 501 Hillside, Glen Ellyn.

RTO This Week: Feb. 21st

I would love to see you at RTO this week. My teaching on Romans 12 continues – please join us. It would be great to have you a part of a very unique evening where we love, pray, eat and enjoy God’s faithfulness and goodness. Everyone is welcome. (Free) dinner at 5:05 pm; program with worship and teaching at 6:05 pm We gather at our our hosted facility, the Glen Ellyn Bible Church.

Prison Visit Reflections from Dr. Peter Brazis

Dr. Peter Brazis is a fantastic RTO and ministry friend – and will be a part of a team of guys going to Dixon Correctional, in Dixon, IL, on January 23rd. Here are some “personal reflections” about going to prison to visit our incarcerated neighbors.

Happy New Year

A very special Happy New Year to everyone.  Looking forward to this coming year to make the Father very happy.