RTO This Week: Feb. 21st

I would love to see you at RTO this week. My teaching on Romans 12 continues – please join us. It would be great to have you a part of a very unique evening where we love, pray, eat and enjoy God’s faithfulness and goodness. Everyone is welcome. (Free) dinner at 5:05 pm; program with worship and teaching at 6:05 pm We gather at our our hosted facility, the Glen Ellyn Bible Church.

Prison Visit Reflections from Dr. Peter Brazis

Dr. Peter Brazis is a fantastic RTO and ministry friend – and will be a part of a team of guys going to Dixon Correctional, in Dixon, IL, on January 23rd. Here are some “personal reflections” about going to prison to visit our incarcerated neighbors.

Happy New Year

A very special Happy New Year to everyone.  Looking forward to this coming year to make the Father very happy.

Writing Christmas Cards for Inmates

How about spreading Christmas joy to an inmate. At RTO this Thursday evening, we’re taking the time to write Christmas cards to our inmate neighbors. We have the cards – we just need you and your willingness to express some written words of love and joy to someone on the inside of prison walls. Thursday – Dec. 6, 5:15 (free) dinner; 6:05 program, hosted at Glen Ellyn Bible Church, 501 Hillside, G.E.

“Fighting Fear” – Part 3

How many of us Christians find ourselves in prisons of our own making, paralyzed by fear? Though we are not possessed by sin because of the power of the gospel, we are oppressed because of a lack of total SURRENDER TO GOD. But Christ came to set the captive free! And if He sets us free, we are FREE indeed, not paralyzed by unhealthy fear.   continue reading

Happy Labor Day

An Urgent Call: Devotional

My newest devotional:  “An Urgent Call for Revival Birthed by Radical Prayer”

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