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“Unshackled” Production #2468, from Pacific Garden Mission

A highly regarded mininstry of the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago is its weekly radio broadcast productions of true life stories, where individuals from across the country and around the world have been “unshackled” from sin and desperation, and have found hope in Christ. Here is the Manny Mill story, produced many years ago but it’s a great time to hear it again.
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Please visit https://unshackled.org/ – for true stories that make you face yourself and think.

Easter Sunday

Follow Up and Comment on Radical Prayer Conference from Pastor Dan Olson

This Weekend on Cable TV

This weekend, Saturday, Mar. 11 at 11 pm on CAN-TV — cable channel 36 — in the Chicago area and again on Sunday, Mar. 26 at 11 pm. Hear powerful stories of Derrick and Leslie, their transformation in prison, and the impact of the K House on them as they navigated their return to productive lives after incarceration.

God Behind Bars

An amazing ministry – more to come soon.

God Behind Bars Vision from Momentum Church on Vimeo.

Special Event from God Centered Life

KHNM and RTO are anxious to spread the news about a very special event presented by:
God Centered Life Ministries:
“500 years. 5 Solas. One Night.” details and registration at:    https://goo.gl/FaVnje
Scripture Alone. Faith Alone. Grace Alone. Christ Alone. Glory to God Alone.
Our worship leaders for the evening are Keith and Kristyn Getty (In Christ Alone)
and Jon Guerra (I Will Follow).
Our Five Solas Bible teachers are Phil Ryken (Scripture Alone), Josh Moody (Faith Alone), Ed Stetzer (Grace Alone), Ajith Fernando (Christ Alone), Bryan Loritts (Glory to God Alone).
500 years. 5 Solas. One Night Centered on God.
We hope to see you Friday, March 17 from 6-11 p.m. at College Church in Wheaton.
Doors open at 4:30 p.m. for registration and exhibitor tables.


Manny speaking at Calvary Chapel, Aurora, CO

Manny had a terrific weekend of speaking opportunities at Calvary Chapel, of Aurora, CO, this past weekend.  His message begins at 46:23. (Click the start arrow in the lower left hand corner.)

2/19/17 – Radical Prayer – Manny Mill from Calvary Aurora on Vimeo.