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Frankie Roskam Ministry in Dominican Republic

Frankie Roskam infuses us as our RTO Missionary in the DR, with tangible HOPE for our youth in America and around the world, by her visible and unrelenting affection for Jesus Christ.  And she has a compelling commitment to the Biblical Gospel that calls every Christian to deny themselves and follow Christ Jesus as she is enduring the Cross by loving the children radically, regardless of her circumstances and feelings, for the JOY that is before her, Hebrews 12:1-2.   Please join me in Radical Prayer for Frankie so she will continue to persevere with Joy for the Greater Hallowing of our Good Father.

Please see Frankie’s recent e-mail ministry update:



Visit to Vineyard Church of Elgin

Manny was a guest speaker recently at the Vineyard Church of Elgin. Pastor Tom Severson offered this follow up comment:

President’s Chapel Video

I really appreciate getting the video from Moody Global Ministries of my speaking at the President’s Chapel last week.  There are some powerful moments here – I hope you can take a look:

Speaking at the Moody President’s Chapel

It was an amazing privilege to speak at the President’s Chapel at Moody Bible Institute last Tuesday morning. Our dear friend, Greg Thornton, the interim president, gave us this outstanding comment.

Celebrating 30 Years Ago

By God’s grace, I’m having a special anniversary this Friday, April 6th.   That marks the 30th anniversary from my prison release – and I invite you to this week’s Radical  Time Out when I will have the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings.  Aleluya!  For details, see http://www.RadicalTimeOut.info


Happy Easter

Committed? What percent?

All of us as Christians must become 100% committed, to Absolute Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, no matter the intensity nor the consequences of the cultural and traditional pressure of our peers and the world, inside and outside the Church.  Truth above self, self-interest, our fears, family, business associates and friends, must be our single focus with full disclosure, zeal, impeccable integrity and courage in the spirt of Joshua.  Absolute Truth that dwells and is found exclusively in the person of Jesus Christ that will set any captive free from self, the world and worse of sins.  Remember, 1 percent of compromising truth to appease others temporarily, will contaminate the other 99 percent of Truth, which will make it a full lie. We must keep it 100 just like Jesus did and continues to do.  Otherwise the Gospel of Truth and Grace (John 1) of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Reputation of our Good Father, will be at stake, bringing much Shame to our Good Father’s Great Name (Joshua 7:9).