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Proclaim 2019 – Message at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas

It was my honor recently to be one of the speakers at “Proclaim 2019” – a missions conference special event at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas. My challenge was to preach on this topic: “Keeping Your Heart on Fire for the Gospel.”

Proclaim 2019 – Calvary Chapel Las Vegas

Please pray for me as I preach at Proclaim 2019, this year’s mission conference at Calvary Chapel, Las Vegas. My title will be: “Keeping Your Heart on Fire for the Gospel.”

Oct. 24th Koinonia Banquet Reminder

The registration for free banquet seats is closing soon:  Oct. 16th.

NBC Anchor Lester Holt Incarcerated at Angola

The popular NBC TV show, Dateline, did an extraordinary feature on the justice system called “Justice for All” – This was shown on NBC last Friday evening – and is now available online. Anchor Lester Holt was incarcerated at Angola Penitentiary to get the inside story.(Please be patient with the short commercial they put at the beginning of their online re-broadcasts) Please click here:

New Video Project

I was invited to participate in an upcoming video project from the Ron Hutchcraft Ministries – The title of the video will be: “Your Hope Story”. From Ron Hutchcraft: “When we package the Good News of Jesus with a story, we have a key to reach around the world.”


July 4th

“Don’t Forget The Prisoner”

I was privileged to be on the Karl and Crew Moody radio program this past Monday – my part begins around 5:40  (please click below)