As Christians, we have been guaranteed a wonderful future! When Jesus comes back to this earth, we look forward to receiving our new bodies, having the consummation of our marriage to Jesus Christ, and living in the new heavens and the new earth. This fantastic future has been paid in full and will take place because God has promised that it will and He keeps His promises. He will never default on His name. He keeps his promises one hundred percent.

In Joshua 3:9-13, we find that God is about to repeat an astonishing miracle that He performed at the Red Sea when the Israelites fled from Egypt. It is not only that God keeps all of His promises that is wonderful, but the way He keeps them is amazing. Based on His promises we can keep anticipating and expecting greater surprising and astonishing wonders from Him. When He does things that can only point to Him alone as the only source, it serves for the hallowing of His name and holy reputation.

In verse 10, God promised that He would without fail drive the people living in the Promised Land out of the land. Later on in the Book of Joshua, we find that He fulfilled that promise. No one can stand against our God. He will defeat all of His enemies. We must depend on God to defeat our enemies. When we go against them without Him, we will be defeated.

The Israelites needed to cross the Jordan River in order to enter the Promised Land. Another of God’s mighty miracles loomed on the horizon. In verse 13, God promised that when the feet of the priests carrying the ark of the Lord entered the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan would be cut off and the waters coming down from upstream would stand as a heap. What happened at the Red Sea was repeated here. Once again God turned impossibility into possibility. Big things happen when Yahweh shows up. He went ahead of the Israelites as they entered the Promised Land. We truly desperately need and want Him to go ahead of us as we face life’s problems.

In verse 11, God is titled the Lord of all the earth. In other words, the crossing of the Jordan will not only impact Israel, but also will have worldwide and eternal impact for the greater hallowing of God our Father’s name. Likewise, we are witnesses of God’s wonderful wonders and He wants to include and use us as participants to proclaim His name to the world. We are His missionaries.

God our Father is looking for credible, loving, and courageous witnesses that will carry on the legacy of hallowing His name with holy and consistent reverence. He does not want to use those who constantly complain, doubt, and compromise the gospel of truth and grace and argue with God about what they deserve. God cannot use people who keep going back to Egypt again and again with their idols, to become slaves to sin again. Those who look like the world and engage in worldly addictions, with self-satisfaction as their aim, cannot be used by Him: To be used as His witness God requires that we fear Him with a holy reverent fear.

God has given us His word to instruct us in living godly lives. It is important to read, know, and live God’s word. In verse 3, Joshua told the Children of Israel to listen to Him and hear the words of the Lord their God. In Deuteronomy 32:46-47, Moses instructed the Israelites to pass on to their children what they learned from God’s word. We need to soak in the word of God and become aggressive in collaboration with the Holy Spirit in training our ears to listen. Then we must put what we learn into action and act only on one voice–the voice of Yahweh manifested in Christ Jesus and revealed by the Holy Spirit.

What types of Jordan Rivers do you desperately need for Yahweh to open? Are you burdened with addictions, depressions, doubts, insecurities, disappointments, etc.? Yahweh can deliver you from them and put you on the road to the Promised Land so you can taste the milk and honey. Then when God has delivered you, your permanent response must be one of gratitude with constant joyful and exuberant worship in adoration of God our Good Father. Doing this will lead to the greater hallowing of God’s name.

What else do we need or want to satisfy us, if we are filled with the “how much more” of the overflowing powerful power of our Father’s powerful glorious presence? The one sacred duty of the Christian is to make certain not to bring any type of shame to God our Father. We must not violate the two essential and non-negotiable ingredients of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Those two ingredients are truth and grace. Jesus Christ is the fullness of truth and grace. He was crucified and resurrected for the Father’s glory in order for His Father’s grace to abound in us and through us. Thus, others must see the Glorious presence of God our Father demonstrated in us.

Hallowing God’s name is essential to the walk of Christians. We are not left alone to figure out how to make that real in our lives. Jesus came to earth as God’s only begotten fully human son and also as our older Brother. He showed and told how to hallow His Father’s name. Joshua is a type of Christ. He was the leader of the Israelites. He was a mere human who understood, and was totally committed to not rob God our Father of His glorious glory. Unfortunately, the Israelites refused to follow his example and they did not hallow God’s name. They were double minded and lukewarm. They wanted Yahweh for the benefits, but they also worshipped idols of their own making.

We must be careful not be like the Israelites and make decisions that are not radically driven by radical biblical prayer with the affirmation, confirmation, and approval of God our Father. God expects our motivation to be pure and sincere to make our Father happier. When that does not happen, it robs God our Father of His glory. Hallowing the Father’s Name is what must motivate us and hence drive us as Christians.

As Jesus agonized in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, He demonstrated that He was one hundred percent satisfied in the Father alone and that He was one hundred percent motivated by the Father’s love for Him. When Jesus said, “Not My will but Yours be done” He was saying, I came exclusively to make sure that no one, not even Me, will ever bring You shame or be ashamed of You. We cannot afford to be disconnected from an intimate and inseparable relationship with God our Father through Jesus Christ for even one second. That is possible only by having a personal biblical prayer life that prays with boldness, persistency, and in the power of the Spirit. We have nothing to offer, nor can we do anything for ourselves or for anyone else, without the powerful power of our Father’s glorious powerful presence. His presence and His glory are inseparable.

Our aim in life should always be to live in the tension of truth and grace as commanded in John 1:14-16. God wants us to be sincere and not hypocritical. Hence, the Christian is required to live his/her life with impeccable, transparent, and visible integrity. What sets the Christian apart from anyone else is that we are required to love in the same way we have been loved by God our Father through Jesus Christ. We must not just talk but we must put what we learn into action.

Why does God our Father want us to listen to Him? It is because He does not want us to miss His surprising good news and wonders. It is our duty to hear God’s word so that we can obey it with no excuses. We are commanded to become doers of the word! In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 we learn that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that God bought us at a great price. Therefore, we are to glorify Him in our body and in our spirit, which are His. As God’s purchased people we much listen to His word and obey it.

King Solomon’s prayer of dedication of the temple he built for Yahweh is recorded in 2 Chronicles 6. When reading chapters 5-7 for the full account, it can be seen by the number of times Solomon refers to the name of Yahweh that Yahweh was his motivation for that prayer. Chapter 7:1-3 show how God responded to His prayer. Fire came down from Heaven and consumed the sacrifice. This caused the Israelites to bow in worship and praise to Yahweh. Consider these lessons to be learned from II Chronicles 7:1-3:

  1. Verse 1: Our radical prayer life must be biblical and carefully crafted to make us constantly aware of our shortcomings. Then the fire of the LORD can consume and burn our self/ego and pride. Doing so will make more room for His glory to fill our temples, our bodies, with fresh fire from the Spirit and to fire us up to make our Father greater.

  2. Verse 2: The clear evidence of the glory of the LORD in our temples must be visibly noticeable, irresistibly attractive, and tangibly manifested through our radical prayer life.

  3. Verse 3: The glorious powerful presence of God our Father in us, must attract others like a magnet, so they too will make radical prayer their priority and will hallow our Father’s name in worship because He is good and His mercy endures forever.

Are you desperate to see a genuine Biblical revival breakthrough in your lifetime where the powerful power of our Father’s powerful presence will be manifested through the body of Christ and spread like a wild fire? We must take regular radical time outs in order to experience a fresh, noticeable, and undeniable radical revival that will be characterized and witnessed by others with a:

1. Consistent deep hunger and
2. Burning radical desire
3. For Jesus Christ to become our all in all,
4. To Experience a consuming fire of self and pride from the Spirit,
5. That will burn deeper within our souls, to
6. Awaken us and drive us in exuberant worship of our triune God, where
7. Radical, Biblical, intense, intimate prayer becomes much more important than the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, to
8. Experience the “how much more” of our father’s irresistible, lavishing, and relentless powerful, loving presence, and grace, for
9. The greater hallowing of our Father.

Our Father desires and keeps pursuing us in order to enter into a permanent relationship with us, without interruption or distraction. His longing is for us to stop running away from Him and make it our desire to worship Him and Him alone, not for what He will give us, but rather for who He is. He is our Good Father! That is why our Father makes it clear in Isaiah 42:8-9, with a firm, yet tender voice, that infuses us with great hope, that He wants to surprise us with His wonders, because today He wants to make us great so we can make Him greater.

When Yahweh says in Isaiah 42:8, “My glory (My powerful presence) I will not give to another”, He is saying, I have created and chosen you for my glory, before the foundation of the world, as my children alone! Therefore, I will not deposit nor share my glorious seal of my Powerful Presence with anyone else. It is either you or no one else. I have My eyes fixed on you alone. I will not leave you nor forsake you. I will wait here for you while you are in captivity, until you get tired of running and sinning against Me, and become fully repentant. Only I set the captives free, open the eyes of the blind, release the prisoners from their prison cells, and bring light to those who sit in darkness.

Because of who He is, our good, holy, and loving Father requires our radical consecration with a consistent vigilant one-hundred percent commitment to take radical time outs for personal inventory and purification in our relationship with Him. Hence, Radical Prayer is essential!

The Ark of the Covenant, in the Old Testament, was the most sacred object of the tabernacle and also of the temple in Jerusalem. It was kept in the holy of holies. It represents and reflects the powerful power of the powerful, glorious, and holy presence of God our Father, which has been deposited in us, His temple, through the Holy Spirit. All Christians are priests who, according to Joshua 3:8, have the responsible duty and sacred function to hallow the name of our Father. This is accomplished as we stand in the gap and labor in love, interceding for others in prayer (Colossians 4:12) with the sacred truth of the holy word (The Ark of the Covenant). God our Father can then use us as His vessels of His mercy who carry the presence of His glory (Romans 9:23) to accomplish great things for Him, making Him greater.

It behooves us then to pray that the Holy Spirit will:

1. Awaken in us a deep desire and hunger that will devour the scriptures with prayer, so that we will become
2. Consumed with the fire of the Holy Spirit, in each of us, our churches we represent, and beyond, as we
3. Become a house of prayer for the nations, where
4. Christ then becomes our all in all, moving from the center to the all, and moving from first place to all.
5. That only happens when we brake unbiblical human traditions and human protocol, as we arise, go, and prepare for Biblical prayer to become not the one thing we do, but become what we do and who we are. As Christians, this needs to be part of our DNA. This is clearly commanded in scripture by Jesus Himself in Mark 11:17 and it takes place when we cultivate a radical, deep, personal, and corporate prayer life in relationship with our Father, Eph. 1:23.

During the Children of Israel’s journey in the wilderness, Moses begged God to go with them.  In Exodus 33:14, God responded that He would go with them. Joshua was now the leader of the Israelites after the death of Moses. He must have found it very comforting when God told him in Joshua 3:7 that just as He had been with Moses, He now would be with him. He also told Joshua that He would make him great in the sight of all Israel. We need to understand that Yahweh is telling us that just as He was with Joshua, He will be with us.

It is interesting to see how God began to validate Joshua to Israel. Moses brought the Israelites to the Red Sea. With Pharaoh’s army closing in on them, they needed to cross the Red Sea. God opened the waters and they safely crossed. Now under Joshua’s leadership, the Israelites needed to cross the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land. God opened the waters and they crossed into the Promised Land. The New Geneva Study Bible’s notes state, “The LORD, Yahweh, validated Joshua’s leadership by repeating the wonders He did at the Red Sea through Moses. The God of Joshua is the God of Moses.”

Are you in need of a radical and powerful freeing truth? Here it is: The God of Joshua and Moses, Yahweh, the Deliverer, is also our God! He wants to make us great so we can make Him greater. This is accomplished through the irresistible powerful presence of God our Father residing in us.

God our Father is telling us with an urgent firm voice, in Joshua 3:7, that:

1. His mission, the gospel, of calling and radically consecrating His children back to Himself, has not changed or died just because Moses died. Hence,
2. We must then be the type of Joshua to arise, go, and always be prepared to defend, proclaim, value, and cherish our Father’s holy presence. This is accomplished through a one hundred percent committed radical holy Biblical prayer life that is characterized by radical intimacy and consecration with our Father. Consequently,
3. His presence will validate, empower, and give credibility to our ministry, like it did with Joshua, of hallowing His holy name among His people and leading others to do the same.
4. Therefore, we must be fit to serve Him, not tired or sleeping, or complaining, or amused by this world. We must not forget what our mission is or who we represent. We do not have the luxury of waiting any longer to fulfill His mission, because TODAY He wants to make you great, so you can make Him Greater.

God our Father wants to deposit His permanent glory in you, His consecrated cleansed house, TODAY. Without God our Father’s powerful presence, we have nothing to offer. Hence, we would have no ministry. We need to ask God our Father for the impossible. Not to do so offends Him.

My Father and my God, I am desperate for your presence NOW. I want your presence to be much more valuable to me than all the material possessions of this world. So, Father make me hungry for your presence. Make me desperate for your presence. Father, empower me with the same power and love for you, that empowered Jesus Christ to endure the cross with joy, for the greater hallowing of Your holy name. Give me a distaste for this world, and the things of this world. Increase my burning desire to be one hundred percent saturated by your presence. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Radical Consecration will produce radical and permanent deliverance with lasting transformation that will lead to personal revival. Consider this example from the Bible. Paul, a former serial killer, was surprised, delivered, transformed, and revived when confronted by Jesus Christ as he was on his way to kill more Christians. Through God’s grace, Paul became radically consecrated to the Father and His gospel. The body of believers today needs to experience this same revival and radical consecration!

Radical consecration requires us to soak in the all-sufficient, all-reliable and yes, all-delicious, Living Word of God, our play book, so we are enabled to pray the Word of God with boldness.
2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that all of the Bible is inspired by God and it prepares us in every way for every good thing God wants us to do. We must know the Word of God in order to live the Word of God.

Jesus was radically consecrated when He came to earth. He came primarily to vindicate the holy name of his good and holy Father. He was crucified in order to save us from the guilt of our sin. Consequently, we are required to be one hundred percent consecrated, vigilant, and super radically aware that at any moment, Jesus may come back. We must make every effort to be pure, clean, and spotless when He returns to take us to the home He has prepared for us. John 14

In Isaiah 6:1-8 we encounter Isaiah’s very painful yet marvelous, radical, and glorious consecration ceremony. When he saw the awesome holiness of God he said that he was undone, meaning that he had totally fallen apart because he was a man of unclean lips. God’s provision for Isaiah’s radical consecration was to have a seraphim take a live coal from the altar and touch Isaiah’s mouth and lips with it. This act took Isaiah’s iniquity away and purged him of his sin. Because of this, Isaiah was filled with radical consecration. When God asked who would go Isaiah said, “Here am I! Send me!”

Please note two important practical applications and deep insights for us to immediately apply to our lives in Christ, as we compare Joshua with Isaiah in verse 8 when Isaiah said, “Here am I! Send me.”
1. Isaiah, just like Joshua, responded with a radical consecrated response of immediate obedience, as he arose, fully prepared and ready to go when he said, “Here am I! Send me.”
2. Furthermore, in verse 8 we read that Isaiah responded with “Here am I.” He did not say, Here I am. Here am I is not only a geographical position like we saw in Joshua, but most importantly it is also a personal consecrated position indicating that he is all in; one hundred percent in!
Isaiah and Joshua were both totally and radically consecrated and devoted to fulfil Yahweh’s mission, not their own, without ever giving up, regardless of how hard, difficult, or discouraging the mission became. That is exactly the position we should be in. It is Jesus we utter out of our mouth and through our lips. Hence, like Isaiah, in order to cleanse our hearts, tongues, minds, and lips, we need to experience the same radical, painful, yet glorious and marvelous consecrating ceremony.

Psalm 96:9 announces that we are to worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness and tremble before Him. That requires radical consecration in every area of our lives, including our marriage. We are told in Hebrews 13:4 that marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled. It goes on to say that God will judge fornicators and adulterers.

We must be one hundred percent radically consecrated to our Father. Doing so will cause us to believe and behave with meekness as chosen by the Father, purchased by the Son Jesus, sanctified and set apart radically by the Spirit, to become exactly like Christ. We must then value, cherish, adore, revere, esteem, exalt, worship, glorify, sanctify, and lift up real high the majestic, holy name of our great and good Father. This is accomplished as we bow our knees to Him with deeper humility, meekness, a gracious attitude, and a burning love for Him and for our neighbors. Then we are enabled to fulfill His great commission in the context of the first and second greatest commandments for the greater hallowing of His holy name.
We read in Deuteronomy 32:44-47 that Moses spoke all of the words God gave him to the people of Israel and told them to make those words their life. He followed this up by telling them that God would bless them if they did so. We need to follow Moses’ instructions and consecrate ourselves radically by making the Word of God our very life so, we can pray the Word radically to love radically.


For God, our Father to surprise us with His wonders and unlimited blessings, He requires our unwavering and intentional, radical consecration to Him, with a commitment to obeying Him with a willing and grateful heart. Doing so will then make us realize our desperate need for radical, fervent, bold, and specific Biblical prayer, to infuse us with the necessary power to make our Good Father happier as we do His will, not ours.

What did Jesus Christ do when He experienced temptations, trials, abandonment and betrayal by others? We find in Luke 22:44 that when He was in agony, He prayed more earnestly. Then in verse 46 when He found the disciples sleeping he told them to rise and pray, so they would not enter into temptation. He was repeating his command from verse 40 which the disciples had ignored. They were to follow His example. Jesus asked the Father to take away the cup he was facing yet he also said He was willing to endure the suffering if it was His Father’s will. He was willing to endure the suffering and not skip the cross. We must be willing to endure the hardship and suffering God allows into our lives just as Jesus did. This is accomplished through radical prayer and by staying consecrated fully to our Father.

Radical Biblical prayer is not just one thing we do. It is what we are to do all the time. It is who we are. It is our devotion, culture, and lifestyle! It is our very life! We exist, so that in every breath we take seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day, we aim at being consecrated to our Father, so we can be true to our commitment to make our Father happier.

Jesus taught in Luke 11:2 that we should pray for the hallowing of God’s name. When we pray in that fashion big things happen. This is the prayer that drives every other prayer we pray. It is the prayer of priority. In order to hallow God’s name we are required to be one hundred percent consecrated to our Father as we value, cherish, adore, revere, esteem, exalt, worship, glorify, sanctify, and lift up real high His holy name. It also requires that we bow our knees to him with deeper humility, meekness, a gracious attitude, and burning love. It is necessary that we be committed to obeying Him without delay.

If we are not consecrated to the Father, then we are consecrated to the devil. That is deadly! Our Father is eager for us to get rid of all of our messes and all of our idols. He is zealous for us to ask Him to perform a deep power cleaning within our spirits, to hit all the corners and clean the entire house. He purchased this cleansing for us with the very expensive sinless blood of Jesus Christ. His command is for us to repent with godly sorrow. He will not approve our behavior that is not in line with His clear specific commands.

We must not do the right thing in the wrong way like Uzzah in 2 Samuel 6. God prescribed very specific guidelines for how the Ark of the Covenant was to be moved. Long poles were to be inserted through the rings on the Ark and it was to be carried by the Levites. It was not to be touched. Instead of following God’s guidelines for moving the Ark, King David had it set on a new cart. The oxen pulling the Ark stumbled and Uzzah took hold of the ark to steady it. God’s anger was aroused against Uzzah and he died right there by the Ark of the Lord. He didn’t want the Ark to fall yet he did not follow the precise guidelines of the Lord. An important lesson to be learned from Uzzah is that excitement and zeal for the Lord can never replace simple obedience. Our lack of consecration and our disobedience devalue the gospel. We must be convinced and believe that Yahweh means all He says, and then comply in obedience to all He commands.

What sin and idols in our relationship with Yahweh are preventing us from one hundred percent consecration, so our Good Father will surprise us with His wonders and unlimited blessings? Let’s make King David’s prayer of confession and consecration in Psalm 51 our prayer as well.


God is eager to surprise us with his wonders when we pray radically to love radically. We need to pray with great anticipation, radical expectation, and unwavering confidence in the finished redemptive work of Christ Jesus. Then God will surprise us saying, “Here my son, here my daughter, this is what you really need!” God expects us to be one hundred percent strong, real, set apart, consistent, resilient, obedient, humble, teachable, and dedicated. This leads to a readiness to arise, go, and be prepared to engage and lead others into any battle He sends for the greater hallowing of His name.

Joshua 3:5 does not leave any room for negotiation with God. It eliminates any excuse for bringing shame to our Father’s name or for hurting the people we say we love. It presents a very critical, urgent, and super important message for today because the church is being defiled, the gospel misinterpreted, and America is in spiritual ruins. The key is consecration to God. The definition of consecration is to be set apart for a holy use; to dedicate to God our Father and to Him alone. It involves being sanctified and purified; to devote ourselves one hundred percent to our Holy Good Father alone!

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, because the LORD will do wonders among you tomorrow.” This also is a personal invitation from Yahweh Himself to Christians today and we must obey without delay. Yahweh means the God who delivers. Yahweh is making you an amazing irresistible promise today. He wants to deliver you and free you from whatever handicap, slavery, addiction, oppression, falsehood, misconceptions, or imprisonment you are experiencing. He is offering to heal you from mental, emotional, or physical handicaps by transforming the disposition of your heart, which is the central station or the control room, for a Christian.

Yahweh delivers one time without any type of recovery program. Jesus came to make us brand new. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ (one hundred percent consecrated), he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

It is sad to see a great number of Christians allow their emotions to control them and paralyze them with fear. In Ephesians 1:17-20 God tells us that He will open our eyes of understanding so we will know that His power that raised Jesus from the dead is available for us. We have no excuse to live in spiritual paralysis.

We find the account of Moses leading the Children of Israel out of Egypt in Exodus 14. Moses told the Israelites to stand still and see the salvation of the LORD (Yahweh.) When they crossed the Red Sea and saw the dead Egyptians on the seashore they believed in Yahweh and in Moses. How sad that their belief lasted only three days. Then they went back to their complaining.

For God, our Father to bless us and to surprise us with His wonders time after time, we must consecrate ourselves to Him and to Him alone. He will not share us with the world or with the things of the prince of the world. It is either all or nothing; one hundred percent in or one hundred percent out!

Since God has offered us the help we need to live consecrated lives, why do we continue to live in the danger and misery of uncertainty and insecurity? We must stop bringing shame to our Good Father and stop being a double minded agent. We need to consecrate ourselves to Yahweh immediately so we can enjoy His transforming powerful wonders. Ask Him to make you hungrier and thirstier for His righteousness. You do not need to keep faking it or continue to live in the dumpster. Take your mask off, surrender now to our Good Father, repent with godly sorrow and become real because Jesus is the real deal.