This Year’s Koinonia Banquet

The annual Koinonia Banquet is almost here – please register for your (free) seats at – a great program has been prepared – please join us.


RTO Missionary Reports from Cuba

We have a radical RTO missionary in Cuba – here is the newest report from Patricio Texidor.   (Please click below)

Upcoming Visit to Pinckneyville Correctional

Dear Radical Prayer friends:   Please pray radically for our “Freedom God’s Way” Revival inside Pinckneyville Correctional Center this weekend (where most men are in their prison cells 18 hours per day with very restrictive movement) as The Hortons and I go in determined and compelled to proclaim Christ crucified and resurrected with the Glorious Hope of Jesus Christ, so hundreds of men will experience “Permanent Freedom in Jesus alone, God our Father’s ONLY Way, NOT their Way”, aleluya.  I Corinthians 1:18-2:6. So, they will meet their Heavenly Father radically and get to know the Father the same way Jesus knows the Father to Pray and Love as Jesus does, aleluya.   That is indeed Radical Biblical Discipleship, aleluya.  

 Here is the  objective:  To be Like Christ so they can pray and Love Like Christ. 

Speaking at Calvary Worship Center, Colorado Springs

I was very fortunate to minister at Calvary Worship Center, Colorado Springs this past weekend.  Here’s the video of my message from their web site:

RTO Commissioning This Week

Commissioning my fellow Christian Cuban friend and brother, Patricio Texidor, as our Radical Time Out, RTO missionary to Cuba during these devastating times, as a result of Hurricane Irma, is another way of God our Father affirming His Sovereign Will over RTO as His vessel of mercy through Patricio, to the Cuban people with the Tangible and Visible Gospel as we Pray Radically to Love Radically for the Greater Hallowing of our Father, as He provides the How Much More for the people of Cuba with what they need now and beyond, Luke 11:1-13, aleluya.

Meet Me At The Gate – Sept. 11, 2017

Romeo was met at the gate this morning after several years behind bars. He was overwhelmed with emotion and giving thanks to God! By God’s help, he prayed with Nephtali and the team that he will never be an inmate again!

Speaking Event this Saturday

This event will be at 415 W. 8th Avenue ( Madison & 8th), Hinsdale. Dinner at 6:30; Praise & Worship starts at 7:30.  All are welcome.  Please call Jack for details:  708-715-8550