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Each week, we post the Thursday night RTO message on our YouTube channel as a way to share Biblical teaching to a larger audience.  We never know how many individuals might see it, but this past week, we received this comment on YouTube about Thursday’s message:

Wow Manny, this message brings so many things to me: conviction, need to be 100% for God (I hesitate, I dread to think what is my % of commitment). And the kicker at the end, blessing depends on our, on my obedience. But I think that we have a terrible combination working against us; not only pride but also selfishness, laziness, and many other things that we allow to take away from the 100% we should be aiming at. The target is so high that if it was not for Jesus I, we, would never make it home. I quote Paul, paraphrasing, “I’m chained to this wretched body and only by the blood of Jesus the Christ I can be set free!”. – Ricardo

Here’s the entire RTO message:


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Radical Prayer Discussion on Karl and Crew

Join the conversation tomorrow morning when I talk about radical prayer with the Karl and Crew team on their morning Moody radio program.

Delight Yourself in the Lord

Here is a verse that will be a part of my RTO message this week.

A Ministry Perspective from a Volunteer

Steve Chambers is driven with joyful passion, zeal, commitment and love for the incarcerated and their families. This is refreshing, contagious and unparalleled. Steve is the “real deal” and a very valuable member of our Radical Time Out Family. Hence, he loves those impacted by incarceration with the compelling love of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:14).

REDEEMED – final weekend

To all my friends – I hope you can see REDEEMED – an amazing dramatic performance about the “fall and rise” of my mentor, Chuck Colson.  The dates and times for the final 4 performances are shown below.

Please visit for ticket sales and information.  Barbara Mill has an exceptional comment below about this production.

No Casualties in Crisis

Joshua 7:6-15 and Hebrews 3:1-18

The church and families in America are in an urgent crisis today because of our arrogance and resulting prayerlessness that has led us to all kinds of idolatry. Remember that this sin of idolatry causes dangerous anger in God our Father and does not hallow His name.  An annual Day of Prayer and lots of good activities–even in ministry–are not enough to bring Him glory. We must have a daily radical, intimate relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, our High Priest, so that He can direct us to the activities that will glorify Him the most. This way, we can avoid the casualties that we are seeing so often today.

St. Gregory of Nyssa defined prayer as follows:
The effect of prayer is union with God, and, if someone is with God he is separated from the enemy. Through prayer we guard our chastity, control our anger and rid ourselves of vanity. It makes us forget injuries, overcomes envy, defeats injustice and makes amends for sin. Through prayer we obtain physical wellbeing, a happy home, and a strong, well ordered society….Prayer is the seal of virginity and a pledge of faithfulness in marriage. It shields the wayfarer, protects the sleeper and gives courage to those who keep vigil….It will refresh you when you are weary and comfort you when you are sorrowful. Prayer is the delight of the joyful as well as the solace of the afflicted….Prayer is the enjoyment of things present and the substance of things to come.

Brutally honest prayer of discovery, inspection, and confession will lead us to engage with the Holy Spirit for a deep cleansing of our hearts and homes to extinguish any accursed sins that offend Yahweh. We must not minimize or excuse sin by becoming angry or defensive. Instead, we need to experience conviction, forgiveness, restoration, and revival. We must act swiftly, as Joshua did, to bring God’s blessing. If we harden our hearts in rebellion and unbelief, we bring God’s fierce anger.

Let’s look into our own hearts and homes and search diligently for anything that God abhors. Times of crisis–danger, trouble, or temptation–should cause conviction and change, NOT CASUALITIES! Remember not to forget Joshua’s example of fervent, agonizing prayer and immediate, complete obedience. Don’t be a casualty, whatever you are facing right now! Pray!

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