Prison Visit Reflections from Dr. Peter Brazis

Dr. Peter Brazis is a fantastic RTO and ministry friend – and will be a part of a team of guys going to Dixon Correctional, in Dixon, IL, on January 23rd. Here are some “personal reflections” about going to prison to visit our incarcerated neighbors.

Slight Change for RTO on January 10th

Due to construction at our host facility, Glen Ellyn Bible Church, RTO this week will be meeting in the sanctuary. We will not be able to serve a meal this week, but we’ll be back on our regular schedule on January 17th.

January 3rd RTO Message

Here is Part 3 from my series from Romans 12.

“I Will Lift My Eyes”

Here’s a key verse I’m using at the closing of my message at RTO this evening.

Happy New Year

A very special Happy New Year to everyone.  Looking forward to this coming year to make the Father very happy.

RTO Christmas Concert

Last night’s RTO’s traditional Christmas celebration, with our friend and partner Howard Meell and team from Michigan, was Gospel driven and glorious, Aleluya! Thank you to the many of you who blessed us with your presence, John 1:14-18! Our Father has surprised us and made us life long partners in His Kingdom business, to make Jesus’ The King much more Famous and credible, John 14:12-14! Aleluya!

Who Is This Guy?

Who is this guy with the mask?  I’d love to tell you – so, I’m inviting you to RTO Thursday night, Dec. 13th.  (Free) Meal at 5:05 pm, program at 6:05 pm, hosted at the Glen Ellyn Bible Church.

Hint:  This mask has something to do with my message this week.  ok?  Aleluya!