Photos from the RADICAL TIME OUT Baptism Services, November 7 and November 21, 2013 (These collages are prepared for 8×10 prints)


Manny and Barbara Mill are commissioned by the College Church of Wheaton

February 22, 2013

Just before leaving for Sheridan Correctional, KHNM Board member Joe Agnello, prayed with Manny, Tom and Wendy as they begin a 3-day “Freedom God’s Way” seminar.   Up to 900 inmates are expected to attend.

Prayer for Freedom Gods Way

We had a wonderful opportunity to visit a prison downstate recently – Check back soon for more details about this group that went with me.
Group Shot - Lower Res_6171

One response

  1. Glennetta A. Bell

    One day my family and I will be able to encourage another family to yet hold on, wait on God and know that he will do just what he said that he would do.

    March 15, 2013 at 12:34 am

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