Prison Reports

Report from visit to Menard Correctional, Jan. 31 to Feb. 2, 2014

Menard Prison is such an impressive place with so many evil strongholds controlling the people and covering the prison! It is The Maximum Security Prison in Illinois and the Midwest, known for its constant violence and gang activity. It houses almost 4000 men, most of them with very long sentences, including lots of lifers.

Report from Menard Feb 2014Being in Menard this past weekend again reminded me that we as Christians are engaged in a very real and bloody spiritual battle. But yet the Battle is the Lord’s. Our Lord is Jesus Christ who won the war!!!

Hence we are not to allow the world or the culture, which has penetrated many in our Christian ranks, to entertain us nor deceive us that we may loose our Focus who is Christ and His Gospel. Jesus has invited us to participate in His finished work of His Glorious redemption with all of our New Hearts, He gave us (Colossians 2:11), reformed minds, soul and strength (resurrecting Power, aleluya, Colossians 3:1) to become rescuers of Jesus’ stolen property, even in Menard, which He purchased at the Cross with His Sinless blood so these men can become shinning light and salt in the midst of evil and darkness.

The enemy, The Devil, his demons and agents were not happy at all that Tom Horton (Wendy Horton was ill and could not come with us, so we were handicapped already), Grant Anderson, musician and worship leader and me were about to entered Menard, which many consider “Hell on earth”. So, the enemy tried to sabotage our “Freedom God’s Way Revival Weekend” for the East House in Menard from the very beginning through many different circumstances, which resulted in us having to start 3 hours late on Friday with half of the men that were already on the approved list. However, The Gospel broke with Fresh Hope through from the moment the men arrived to the gym on Friday. We saw the Power of the Gospel save many men from the Wrath of God and the Darkness and dominion of Hell.

We saw the Joy of Jesus Christ invade ALL of us in the Gym on that Friday, and then seeing the Holy Spirit manifest in such a way that the rest of the men were able to join us, all day, through 4:30 pm (which is very unusual), on Saturday with a grand finale on Sunday with men from the West House. Our Ministry on Sunday almost got cancelled; however our Chief Chaplain came to the rescue, but he fell on his left shoulder as he was walking on the ice. He will have his shoulder immobilize for at least one month. I covet your prayers of total restoration and healing sooner than a month.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the Gospel Choir that was assembled with 8 of the men. Grant Anderson was able to work with them, equip them and even sing some amazing worship songs together, aleluya!!!!


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  2. Scott Filline

    I consider it a blessing to be a part of this ministry.

    February 5, 2014 at 8:28 am

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