Book reviews and comments on Manny’s book:  RADICAL REDEMPTION, by Moody Publishers
Book Review - Miriam 3RADICAL REDEMPTION by Manny Mill with Jude Skallerup – Published by Moody Publishers

(book review by Miriam Leslie)

Once in a while you meet someone you simply cannot forget. Occasionally it can happen through a book.

Manny Mill is one such person. In Radical Redemption, he and Jude Skallerup tell his life story. Skallerup is a former Wheaton College staff who first met Mill when he came to study there.  Mill grew up in Cuba, leading a very exciting life. He speaks fondly of childhood memories where he enjoyed the finer things of life. He also was a mischievous little boy who kept staff at his Catholic school on their toes.

Life as a young adult becomes less than ideal when participation in a shady business deal takes Mill down a very different path than he anticipated.

Many people impacted Mill’s life and he shares name after name. It seemed a bit tedious initially but as it continues on, readers realize this reflects a passion, enthusiasm, and appreciation for friends. This is the true of a story of a man who believes in people. He openly shares his personal struggles but always with hope and sometimes with humor.

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