Wed, Jan 4 Special Prayer Request — This day is an important court date for one of our ministry friends.  Please join us in asking for God’s mercy on him and his family, for the truth to be revealed, and for all parties involved to have the courage to do the right thing.
Sun, Jan 8 Emmanuel Bible Church, Berwyn, IL
Manny Mill preaching at 12 noon service.
Sat, Jan 14 Sheridan Correctional Center (IL)
Nephtali Matta leading volunteers in this first of a new monthly ministry at Sheridan.  
Weekly Cell-by-Cell & Group Services in Cook County Jail, Chicago, IL
Five nights each week there are volunteers with connections to KHNM ministering to inmates and staff at the county jail.  
Wednesdays &
Radical Time Out — Dinner, Music, Testimonies, and the Word
Wednesdays at Midwest Bible Church, Chicago.  Thursdays at Glen Ellyn Bible Church, Glen Ellyn.  For more information on RTO, visit

      Radical Time Out web site:


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