“Taste and See”

A key verse in Manny’s message at RTO this Thursday evening is from Psalm 34. Come learn more

This week’s RTO invite from Manny

Devotional: “Radical Chrisitianity” Part 3

This devotional is a continuation of Radical Christianity, Part 2, which started the process of helping us focus on defining our legacy as Joshua had done. Joshua’s legacy is clearly defined and displayed in Joshua chapter three and his legacy must become our legacy.

Epaphras was a disciple of the Apostle Paul. Paul was in chains in prison when he wrote to the church in Colosse about him. Paul’s desire was for us to become disciples of Christ Jesus just like Epaphras. His description of Epaphras is seen in Colossians 4:12. He tells the church in Colosse that Epaphras was a bondservant of Christ who always labored fervently for them in prayer. The goal of his prayer was that they would stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.  (to read the entire devotional, please click here.)

“Unshackled” Production #2468, from Pacific Garden Mission

A highly regarded mininstry of the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago is its weekly radio broadcast productions of true life stories, where individuals from across the country and around the world have been “unshackled” from sin and desperation, and have found hope in Christ. Here is the Manny Mill story, produced many years ago but it’s a great time to hear it again.
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TV Interview on “Radical Prayer”


When they began to pray persistently, expectantly, with purpose, and hallowing God’s name, Manny and Barbara Mills’ most impossible prayers began to be answered. The story behind their book, Radical Prayer, is the subject of the television program “Everlasting Love” set to air several times in July on CAN-TV 36 — the Chicago Access Network.

The program will air at 11 pm (CDT) on Sunday, July 2; Saturday, July 8; and Sunday, July 30.

In the book, the Mills’ share real-life stories of some of their ‘Top 10 Impossible Prayers’ that have been answered once they completely changed their approach. They share the story of how the book came to life, and a few of the major impacts that their impossible prayers have had since — including the launch of Radical Time Out, a weekly program for families in crisis that meets at two Chicago-area churches.

“Jesus did not teach his disciples to preach” Manny points out, quoting D.L. Moody, “he taught them to pray.” And when you “pray as an act of hallowing God’s name, big things happen.”

In the interview, Barbara and Manny also talk about miraculous reconciliation within their blended family, the impact of prayer on transformation of an inmate at Angola Prison, and the extraordinary way they first met in Israel. Recently, the book has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese.