“It’s Time To Conquer” – Part 3

Here is Manny’s newest devotional from Joshua.  Please click below:


What’s A Good Idea the Day You Get Out of Jail?

Thanks to Pastor Mary Ann D’Onofrio for this photo, and she offered this amazing comment:
“What would you do the day you get out of jail? Come to RTO of course!”

New Devotionals and This Coming Sunday

Happy to share that parts 1 and 2 of “It’s Time To Conquer” are now online – click below:

And this Sunday, I’ll be speaking in Chicago:

Pastor Tom Severson, this week’s Pastor of the Week

We are going to be very blessed by having Pastor Tom Severson of the Elgin Vineyard Church come to RTO this Thursday.   He has a book entitle “Who Holds the Knife” – and this is how Amazon describes it:  “This book chronicles the violence that turned a pastor into a victim. You will be inspired as father and son tell of meeting mercy and life instead of evil and death.”

I hope you can come to RTO this week.  I will be giving a message entitled “Time to Conquer” from the book of Joshua.

Report from Menard Correctional – Freedom God’s Way

A report from the “Freedom God’s Way” ministry this past weekend at Menard Correctional Center by Ben Evangelista:

Menard Correctional Center & Freedom God’s Way causes God’s broken ones to come to Him just like Myron did who is serving a 45 year sentence for murder. Only about 1 percent of the 4000 inmates were allowed to join us for 3 days in this desperately dark place…but by the grace of God these men will go back to their cell houses and serve as God’s ambassadors.

Just like Myron was doing when in front of all the other inmates, the many officers who roamed the room and the officer with the rifle in the tower, he stood up and stated out loud to everyone: “I renounce my gang affiliation, I drop my colors, you may now call me by my real name, Myron. I am no longer the loose cannon”…because, as Myron put it, Jesus says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”, 2 Cor 12:8. Praise God for Myron and for all the men who were allowed to come, who shared the Lord’s supper.

Pray that each man goes deep in relationship with Christ and PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens), developing a shameless, radical prayer life, Luke 11:8. Pray that our team is able to return with greater consistently, that the Lord adds more inmates as the administration and officers see how “corrections is done correctly”. In Jesus name, Amen

New Visit to Menard Correctional

We start today (Jan. 19th) at Menard Correctional – presenting “Freedom God’s Way”.  Please pray for us – this is a very difficult prison – in many ways.   This is a maximum security facility with about 4000 inmates.   Here’s my team on this visit:  Tom Horton, Ben and Cindy Evangelista, Beatriz and Ray Howe