Good Friday – “Without the Cross…”

Without the Cross there is NO Resurrection, Aleluya! The resurrection of Christ Jesus is the permanent secured receipt of a Christian, John 11:25! Make the cross and resurrection a personal and spectacular experience.

On Moody Radio early Tuesday Morning

Please join me early tomorrow morning as I talk about prayer on “The Karl and Crew” Moody radio program.

RTO Updated Location and Schedule

Next Thursday, April 18th, RTO is back on regular schedule – 5:05 (free) dinner, and 6:05 program and worship.  Please join us at The Commons, College Church of Wheaton.  (check the link below for the Google Maps to the church.)



No RTO This Week

This is a friendly reminder that we do not have RTO this week, April 11th.  Everything is set for April 18th as our next RTO – 5:05 (free) dinner – 6:05 worship and program.  Join us then – and let your friends know about this scheduling.  Aleluya!

My Prison Release – 31 years ago today

31 years AGO Today, (April 6, 1988), God our Father SURPRISED me and released me EARLY, out of man’s prison by His PURE Grace, that has sustained me to new levels of unspeakable JOY! We will be celebrating by going into Sheridan Prison today to Proclaim and celebrate the Explosive, Infinite and unlimited Grace of God, Aleluya, as we labor with greater diligence striving towards exercising God’s gift of Faith towards LOVE, 2 Peter 1:1-15!

New RTO Location This Week

This Thursday, April 4th, at RTO (at College Church’s Commons) we will also celebrate my 31st year out of man’s prison (April 6th, 1988), by God our Father’s Grace alone, as I preach a sermon titled:  “Don’t Forget. Make Sure” that flows out of the Gospel of Love (Romans 12:10a; 2 Peter 1:1-15), Aleluya!!! Please join us with friends.