Who Is This Guy?

Who is this guy with the mask?  I’d love to tell you – so, I’m inviting you to RTO Thursday night, Dec. 13th.  (Free) Meal at 5:05 pm, program at 6:05 pm, hosted at the Glen Ellyn Bible Church.

Hint:  This mask has something to do with my message this week.  ok?  Aleluya!


RTO Update for December 13th

From Manny Mill:

“The Church in America is experiencing a sexual epidemic of astronomical proportions, which has spilled to the culture with no boundaries. This Thursday at RTO we will hear the radical testimony of Julie Woodley to understand and see not only our depravity of sin through sex trafficking and much more, but the Gospel and the Hope and Healing Jesus Christ purchased for us.”

Writing Christmas Cards for Inmates

How about spreading Christmas joy to an inmate. At RTO this Thursday evening, we’re taking the time to write Christmas cards to our inmate neighbors. We have the cards – we just need you and your willingness to express some written words of love and joy to someone on the inside of prison walls. Thursday – Dec. 6, 5:15 (free) dinner; 6:05 program, hosted at Glen Ellyn Bible Church, 501 Hillside, G.E.

Tonight’s Special RTO

I hope you saw my previous post with a special video invitation to RTO tonight. If you haven’t been to RTO in a while, tonight would be the best time to come back and visit.  Please take a RADICAL TIME OUT.  Aleluya!

The RTO You Won’t Want To Miss

Here’s a short video with a very special RTO invitation to this week’s November 29th RTO.

Thanksgiving 2018

Revival from Prison to the Church

One radical vision of our board and ministry is that the Church outside of prison would learn from the movement of God within prison walls. GOD IS WORKING IN OUR PRISONS! (click below to continue reading)