Why RTO?

You are really wanted at RTO – aleluya! Trust to see you Thursday, August 22, as we take a Radical Time Out (RTO) to go back to our RTO roots! I will preach just 30 minutes (or less) from 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13, praying with urgency “Father, Direct our Way…Make us Holy”, to answer the question: “Why RTO”? Please Invite others! Deal? Here is the graphic to help you invite others!

“The Father I Never Knew” – tonight at RTO

Our focus at RTO tonight will be on the new, award-winning film, “The Father I Never Knew.”  Movie producer, Don Albert, will be with us to talk about his film, as well as some of the key participants in the movie.  Join us, ok?  Here’s a comment directly from our friend, Don Albert.

New Devotional

My newest devotional:  “The Non-Negotiables of Freedom for Christians” #7

In Romans 12, the Apostle Paul gives us 13 non-negotiables of freedom for Christians. The banner that flies over this passage is “by the mercies of God,” and he is charging us to stop trying to be a Christian and just be one. Show that you are a Christian by doing what is required of you, as Jesus fulfilled the requirements of His Father. Stop being two-faced and engaging with the world. Be real.   (to continue reading, click here)


New Video Project

I was invited to participate in an upcoming video project from the Ron Hutchcraft Ministries – The title of the video will be: “Your Hope Story”. From Ron Hutchcraft: “When we package the Good News of Jesus with a story, we have a key to reach around the world.”

Devotional: Gospel of Justice and Mercy

Please click below to read my newest devotional: