Radical Christianity, Part 2

From RTO last week:

New Devotional – “Radical Christianity” part 1

There are three words that describe real, practical, consistent, credible, and radical Christianity: messy, but joyful. When one receives, believes, embraces, lives out, and proclaims Christ Jesus, the Christ of the Scriptures, one receives the Father’s radical love with the hope of glory that produces unspeakable Joy. We must fight for our joy and the joy of others!

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Bible Teaching at RTO, June 8th

Ministry Report from Lawrence and Robinson

Report from Manny:
“Many of the men at Lawrence and Robinson gave public testimony that their hearts became awakened and their spirits rebooted to the Truth and Grace of the Proclaimed Gospel, as they learned to trust in our Good Father ALONE through Jesus Christ and in the Power of the Spirit, Psalm 125.  The Chaplain at Lawrence gave testimony that our “Freedom God’s Way” revival was the best seminar/retreat he has ever seen in prison for the greater Hallowing of our Father, aleluya.”

Memorial Day, 2017

“Radical Christianity” – part 1

Manny’s recent message at Radical Time Out: “Radical Christianity” Part 1