RTO on May 23rd

Just a quick, simple reminder to all of my friends that RTO will be returning this Thursday to the Glen Ellyn Bible Church, 501 Hillside, Glen Ellyn. Please join us.

From Faith to Love

My most recent devotional:

Fellow Christian, the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ are a historical reality, but they must become a PRESENT and PERSONAL reality in us…in you and in me! The Cross and the Resurrection activate and increase our faith in Christ; they empower us NOT to doubt Christ’s finished work of redemption. Therefore, (click for the entire devotional)

RTO Message May 9, 2019

Tonight’s message is the result of the super powerful radical biblical (1 Peter 3:7, NLT) prayer of lament of a godly wife for her husband.

Accident Report

A serious accident resulted in a trip to the Emergency Room – Here’s the story:

A Historical RTO Evening

I had some great help from our special RTO brother, Bert Berrios, at RTO last night in teaching about love and forgiveness.  You won’t want to miss this extraordinary evening – that ends in a marriage proposal.  Aleluya !!

From the Photo Files

From our photo archives: Sept. 27, 2013
Our FREEDOM GOD’S WAY team of Tom and Wendy Horton, and Manny Mill.  They are prayed for by Mary Whitmer, Barbara Mill, Tim Wall, Greg Johnson and Don Hawkinson before they leave for a weekend trip. Radical Prayer has been a key, essential part of this ministry.

Warden Dave Gomez on Moody Radio

Warden Dave Gomez is one of the most qualified and equipped Prison Wardens in America! Warden Gomez possesses deep compassion, unique experience and the ability to motivate his staff and officers to “correct correctly” the men under his custody.  His experience, not only in the prison system for over 7 years, but also in the jail system of Cook County for over 21 years sets him apart.

Warden Gomez is articulate and unashamed about his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, because he understands his identity at the Cross of Christ where the justice and the mercy of God our Father kissed, sealed by the Resurrection of Christ.   I am thrilled for the opportunity he will have this Friday, live in studio, with Karl and Crew to educate, equip and encourage the vast listening audience and those at Moody Bible Institute about our jail/prison system, the prisoner and their families, which continues to be the most neglected ministry of the Church.