“Don’t Forget The Prisoner”

I was privileged to be on the Karl and Crew Moody radio program this past Monday – my part begins around 5:40  (please click below)

Radio Interview on WYLL AM1160

What are the qualities we should have as Christians in the marketplace? Please join me in the dialog about how to be a stand out in the marketplace with Gospel-driven integrity. I hope you can listen Saturday as I talk about these matters on the Faith Marketplace radio program with hosts Bob Lambert and Jennifer Villarreal.

Every week at Radical Time Out (RTO), we become more desperate to enter deeper into the same perpetual relationship that God our Good Father enjoys with His only begotten Son and our Older Brother, Jesus Christ, without interruption nor distraction. Aleluya! That is what we call Radical Biblical Prayer, to Hallow the Holy Name of God our Heavenly Father in Greater ways.

Artwork from an original photo of an inmate from Angola.

Captain Mill

Our middle son Howard is now officially a Marine Captain. Aleluya! To Howard’s left is his fiance Amanda and Marine Major Columbus. Barb’s dad, Howard Linde, is to Howard’s right.

Pastor Charles Lyons at RTO

What a unique and powerful evening we had last night at RTO – I hope you can see some or all of this video:

Pastor Charles Lyons at RTO tonight

HOPE ALIVE: Legendary Chicago Pastor Charles Lyons, Armitage Baptist Church, is bringing to RTO tonite Ricardo, who was wrongly convicted and spent 23 years in prison! Don’t miss and bring friends! RTO is hosted tonight at Glen Ellyn Bible Church – 5:05 pm meal; 6:05 program