NBC Anchor Lester Holt Incarcerated at Angola

The popular NBC TV show, Dateline, did an extraordinary feature on the justice system called “Justice for All” – This was shown on NBC last Friday evening – and is now available online. Anchor Lester Holt was incarcerated at Angola Penitentiary to get the inside story.(Please be patient with the short commercial they put at the beginning of their online re-broadcasts) Please click here:

This Year’s Koinonia House Banquet

I have a very direct and personal message to you about this year’s Koinonia House National Banquet, on Thursday, October 24th. Please go to to register for your no-cost tickets. I hope to see you there this year. (We definitely need your registration!)

Foot Washing at RTO

It was my greatest privilege to actively follow the visible example of my Lord/Teacher Jesus Christ, John 13:14-17, by washing the precious feet of my friends from Wayside Cross Mission last night at RTO Driven by Paul’s Non-Negotiable for Freedom for Christians #8 “Serving The Lord” which must be the FOCUS of every Christian with the intensity of being “Fervent in Spirit”, Romans 12:11b-c, Aleluya!

Why RTO?

You are really wanted at RTO – aleluya! Trust to see you Thursday, August 22, as we take a Radical Time Out (RTO) to go back to our RTO roots! I will preach just 30 minutes (or less) from 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13, praying with urgency “Father, Direct our Way…Make us Holy”, to answer the question: “Why RTO”? Please Invite others! Deal? Here is the graphic to help you invite others!

“The Father I Never Knew” – tonight at RTO

Our focus at RTO tonight will be on the new, award-winning film, “The Father I Never Knew.”  Movie producer, Don Albert, will be with us to talk about his film, as well as some of the key participants in the movie.  Join us, ok?  Here’s a comment directly from our friend, Don Albert.

New Devotional

My newest devotional:  “The Non-Negotiables of Freedom for Christians” #7

In Romans 12, the Apostle Paul gives us 13 non-negotiables of freedom for Christians. The banner that flies over this passage is “by the mercies of God,” and he is charging us to stop trying to be a Christian and just be one. Show that you are a Christian by doing what is required of you, as Jesus fulfilled the requirements of His Father. Stop being two-faced and engaging with the world. Be real.   (to continue reading, click here)


New Video Project

I was invited to participate in an upcoming video project from the Ron Hutchcraft Ministries – The title of the video will be: “Your Hope Story”. From Ron Hutchcraft: “When we package the Good News of Jesus with a story, we have a key to reach around the world.”